Principal Yang Zhongmin led a team to Belgium and the Netherlands to exchange access
Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Office|Author:Tan Weihong|Correspondent:Huaying|Edit: Liu Jinying
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In order to deepen the expansion of communication and interaction with European universities,Construct a new pattern of high levels of school education,June 30th to July 6th,Principal Yang Zhongmin led a team to Belgium、Dutch conducting educational cooperation exchange visits。During the period,Yang Zhongmin and his party visited the University of Gente and Grandengen University, the Netherlands、Eindhoven University of Technology,Construction of joint The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuplaboratory、Student joint training、Mutual visits and communication between teachers and students、In -depth exchanges in the introduction of high -end talents,and held an overseas talent job fair。International Exchange and Cooperation Office、South China Advanced Optoelectronics Research Institute、Department of Engineering、School of Computer、The person in charge of the International Business School and other units accompanied the visit。

At the University of Genter, Belgium,Yang Zhongmin and his party met with Luc Taerwe, Director of the East Asian Platform of Gente University and School of Engineering and Architecture、Leaders of the School of Biological Engineering and other colleges。Yang Zhongmin introduced the school's school characteristics and foreign communication,I hope that the two universities will build a good cooperation on the joint laboratory 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof LCD and optoelectronic devices,Develop a wider field、Deeper level、higher quality exchange cooperation。Luc Taerwe representative,The two universities have carried out outstanding scientific research cooperation and joint training of students since signing a cooperation agreement in 2018。The two parties also expand physics、Computer、Student exchange from disciplines such as the digital economy、Scientific research cooperation、Teachers' hiring mutual discussions and reaching cooperation consensus。The delegation also visited the joint laboratory jointly built by the two parties,Exchanges with the person in charge of the outdoor parties。

Embassy in China,Yang Zhongmin and his party held talks with the Counselor of the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium。Yang Zhongmin introduced the school to run schools in recent years and communicate with Belgium,It means UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthat the school will further expand and deepen the Belgian university in the International Joint Lab、Talent training、Cooperation of teacher -student communication,The contribution of Chinese division for promoting the high -quality development of China Education。Li Hui said,2024 is the tenth anniversary of China and Belgium established a comprehensive friendly partnership,South China Normal University and the University of Gente University in Belgium abundant results,It is worth sure。The Chinese Embassy in Belgium will continue to support South China Normal University in depth to expand education and cooperation with Belgium。

At the University of Groningen, the Netherlands,Yang Zhongmin and his party and Graunagen University President Jacquelien Scherpen,Dean of the School of Science and Engineering Joost Frenken、Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands、The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cup2016 Nobel Professor Bernard L. Fay Faya, etc.。Yang Zhongmin introduced the basic school running of the school and in recent years to communicate and cooperate with foreign exchanges,Thanks to Bernard L. Faymenta for contribution to the exchange and cooperation between the two universities,I hope that the two universities will be built on the international cooperation scientific research platform、Academic Research Exchange、Deepen cooperation in the joint training of talents。Jacquelien Scherpen extended a warm welcome to Yang Zhongmin and his party,She introduced the school's school running、Professional characteristics and advantages and expressed their willingness to work with our school,Working together to deepen the friendship between the two schools。The two parties renewed the cooperation framework agreement and the international joint laboratory co -construction agreement。The delegation 2024 European Cup Betting Platformalso visited the Laboratory of the Fernagea Building of Groningen University。

At the Dutch Eindhoven Institute of Technology,Academician of Yang Zhongmin and the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands、2021 Professor Dirk Broer of the Royal Cavaliers Medal of the Kingdom of the Netherlands conducted talks and exchanges。Yang Zhongmin said UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthat the school will further deepen the cooperation of academic research with Eindhoven University of Technology。Dirk Broer means willing to carry out high -level cooperation around more areas of advantageous areas。Yang Zhongmin also heard Yvonne de Korts、Karin Smolders、hans wyss、Report by professors such as stijn kragt。

During the visit,The delegation hosted the school's 2024 Overseas Talent Recruitment Fair,The school running school running school、Development strategy and talent policy,It laid a good foundation for further overseas high European Cup Reliable Betting Platform-level talent attraction。

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