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The school holds the "July 1" flag ritual
Source: Party Committee Student Work Department (Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee)|Author:Bao Xuefeng|Correspondent:Bao Xuefeng|Photography:Figures of Wu Jianguo's Ministry of Education and Industry|Edit: Liu Jinying

On the morning of July 1,South China Normal University held a flag -raising ceremony at the Shipai Campus of Guangzhou Campus,Warmly celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China。This event is by the Organization Department of the School Party Committee、Hosted by the Student Work Department European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof the Party Committee,Holdings of the School of Education and Science。Shipai Campus Campus Each Second -level Party Organization Reserve Party Member Representative and Students of Education and Sciences more than 800 people,Representatives of party members of school organs、College teacher representative、Counselor representatives participated in this flag ritual。

7 am at 7 am,Facing the rising rising sun,The National Flag Guards take a neat step,escort the five -star red flag towards the flag -raising platform。Accompanied by the exciting "The Volunteer" sounds,All teachers and students are solemn to the national flag,Gao Sing National Anthem,Watching the five -star red flag rising,Flying with the wind。

Representative of the old party member、Li Jianying, a retired professor at the School 2024 European Cup Betting Platformof Economics and Management。She shares her 50 -year -old journey and deep feelings in the party for 50 years,Thank you for the care and cultivation of the party and the country、Pride of the great achievements achieved by the party and the country、Glory can contribute to the party's cause。She tells the advanced deeds of the earliest membership of the Communist Party and the party members around them to play a pioneer model,Sending a message of young party members with ambitions、Hope to be down -to -earth、Uncomfortable、Strong physique,Close personal growth with the cause of the party and the people。Subsequent,Li Jianying leads all party members to revisit the party's oath,铮,Make each party member more deeply feel the responsibilities and responsibilities carried by the new era。

Deputy Secretary of the Party 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformCommittee of Marxist College Luo Lanyuan said,Little Red Ship launched 103 years ago,It has now become the "China" towering giant wheel。On the solemn flag -raising ceremony,I deeply feel the interweaving of history and glory,Faith and hope coexist。Red flag flutter,Centennial epic echo,The Party’s Glory and Yongzhong。As an ordinary college educator,I'm small but firm,Keep in mind the original mission of Lide Shishu,For the party、For the talents of national education。

Chen Jingyu, a counselor at the School of Computer, said,In the morning of this sunlight,When the popular flag rises,A sense of pride、The sense of mission is born in my heart。As a counselor,I will continue to keep in mind the mission of Lideshu people,Efforts to explore the rules of students' ideological and political education,The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupGuide students to establish a big ideal,In promoting the construction of a strong country、Showing youth as a national rejuvenation great cause、showing youthful style、Contributing youth forces。

Huang Yanjun, a graduate student of the 2023 level of education and science of the School of Education and Science, said,Teacher Li Jianying, who has been in the party who joined the party with an emotional excitement,Deep feeling that my own mission is significant。2022,As the first batch of Guangdong university college students, I participated in the support of Xinjiang,Contributing to the minimal force to the education of the motherland,Let the youth shine in dedication。Looking forward to the future,I will always live forever,Together forward,Continue struggle for the education of the party and the country。

Gan Yueling, UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettinga graduate undergraduate student at the School of Philosophy and Social Development, said,Recall the experience of joining the party,The seeds of the original intention from the family's subtly,Feel the power of the role model in the learning practice,Keep closer to the party organization。Future,I will keep in mind the country、A firm oath in front of the party flag,firmly unswervingly listening to the party、Go with the party,Delivery to do ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new era of willing to struggle!

Thousands of miles for journey,Don’t forget the original intention; belief is like Pan,One pulse is inherited。A generation of Chinese teachers will not forget the red teacher education background,Forever loyalty to the party for the party,Shouzheng Innovation、Again The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupnew journey,Contributions to Chinese -style modernization construction。

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