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June 25, 2024 Guangdong Education Headline: At the Graduation Ceremony,President of the Chinese Normal University sent the "three -color cubes" to the graduates
Source: News Center|Author:Li Xiuting|Correspondent:Wang Wu|Editor: Lu Jiayu

June 25,South European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformChina Normal University (hereinafter referred to as "Hua Shi") held the 2024 student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony。There are 6355 undergraduate graduates and 3859 graduate UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettinggraduates in this year's Chinese division,At this moment, studying merits。

At the graduation ceremony,Yang Zhongmin, President of Huadshi, who has been engaged in optical -related fields for a long time,"Three -colored Saps" representing the red, blue and green "Optical Trinity" for the graduates。

"Red and blue and green is the three -primary color of optical,Three colors can be mixed out of any color after mixing。"Yang Zhongmin hopes everyone to make good use of this" three -color swiping ",Live unlimited possibilities in continuous growth、No limited edition、Unparalleled life。

The red pen is a firm belief in "red",As a struggler who is determined UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingto report to the country。

"I hope you inherit the red belief、Houzhijiaguang Core,Casting personal ideal ambitions to the construction of a strong country、In the hot practice of national rejuvenation。"Yang Zhongmin said。

Blue Capsule is insisting on innovating "blue",Be the climber who is aggressive。

"Blue is the main color of the Chinese teacher's school emblem,symbolize exploration and innovation。"Yang Zhongmin said,I hope that the graduates can cultivate the truth、Dare to break through for new knowledge、Dare to try、Innovative spirit and aggressive consciousness dare to risk risks,Breakthrough "Unmanned Land"、Yong climb "New Peak"。

Green Capsule is adhering to the youth "green",Do the orphan who chasing the wind and dreaming。

Yang Zhongmin said,Green represents youth,A symbol of vibrant and vigorous upward,"If we keep your first heart、Not afraid of difficulties、Not afraid of giving,Then youth will not disappear,Dreams will eventually realize。”

He said,I hope that the graduates are no matter where they are、What kind of occupation is engaged,Persevere in dreams、Keep love、Fearless forward,Bloom belonging to your own Fanghua,Live a colorful full life。

"Everyone will say goodbye to the teacher who gets along with each other、Classmates,Farewell may European Cup Reliable Betting Platformnot be perfect, but left a university campus with youthful memories。"at the graduation ceremony,Yang Zhongmin also issued "official vomiting" on behalf of the students -

"There may be regrets here,For example, a professional that is not ideal; maybe helplessness,For example, ‘Perfect’ Dormitory reflects the long history of the school、In the winter test, the less hot 'hot water' tests the physical fitness and will; maybe there is a tuning,For example, it is always ‘late leave、The most cost -effective teaching arrangement of "early school"。”

But he pointed out,It is also this rare experience,"Let you endlessly、Nirvana Butterfly Change,Not only 2024 European Cup Champion Predictioninheriting the spirit of hard work,It also cultivates the academic pursuit of rigorous studies、The spiritual characteristics of continuous and innovative innovation、The emotional feelings of people who are described by people。”

"You use the best pattern years,I wrote the most beautiful youth chapter,Interpretation of the new era of Chinese students should be like! "Yang Zhongmin said。

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