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June 24, 2024 China Education Daily: South China Normal University: to evaluate reforms to leverage the development of new vitality
Source: China Education News|Author:Liu Dun|Correspondent:Yang Manchao|Editor: Lu Jiayu

"Our team passed the polymer structure、Formula、craft collaboration innovation,Get low -dielectric、High heat resistance and other performance with excellent packaging board,Help solve the problem of ‘stuck neck’ ‘card neck’ ‘card neck’ ‘card neck’ ‘,In the future, it will be applied to the storage chip、Sensing chip、CPU and other chip packaging fields。"Recent,In the Fourteenth "Challenge Cup" Guangdong University Student Entrepreneurship Plan Finals,The "Huaxin Technology" team of South China Normal University introduces the work as shown above。South China Normal University with 3 gold awards、8 silver awards、9 bronze awards,Get the competition "Outstanding Cup"。

How to evaluate reforms to leverage the new vitality? In recent years,South China Normal University takes education evaluation reform as a traction,increase force、activation force、Show effectiveness,Reform and innovation of the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformtarget performance assessment mechanism of the second -level units,Exploring the construction of the characteristics of the university with clear teachers、Effective support for the evaluation system of "double first -class" construction。For the target performance assessment of the second -level unit,School Coordinated Evaluation Process,Incubes and regulation of the evaluation results,Guide to give full play to the guide、Diagnosis and improvement function,Promote different units to find positions and directions、Create features and levels。

"In the past, different departments evaluated the work responsible for the art in the field,,No integration,Can't systematically reflect the overall development of the secondary unit。"The person in charge of South China Normal University introduced,Starting assessment work since 2018,The school will all the second -level units that have been established in the school for more than a year,All are included in the assessment,To evaluate all -round coverage。The school takes the original scattered evaluation and assessment of the original departments in the school as the starting point,Focus on the number and frequency of the evaluation activities,Reduce multiple evaluations、Repeated evaluation,Effectively reduce the burden on the second -level unit。

The classification implementation of the strong evaluation of South UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingChina Normal University,Enhance the scientific nature of the evaluation results。The school formulates related implementation measures,Divided the secondary units in the school into two categories of teaching and research units and non -teaching and research units。Specifically,Teaching and research units according to the characteristics of different disciplines,Divided into humanities and social sciences units and science and engineering units, colleges and research institutes; non -teaching and research units are based on service,Divided into business development service units and support guarantee service units。

Based on the classification evaluation,South China Normal University Innovation Evaluation Tool,Improve the means of information assessment and carrier,Changing "Paper Evaluation" is "Online Evaluation"。The school independently designed the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformtarget performance assessment information system of the second -level unit,Implement data filling、Achievement test、Data comparison and other multi -function integration。For example,For non -teaching and research units,The school votes through online,Evaluation of its service and satisfaction。

Evaluation how to strengthen the motivation,Enhanced results available? South China Normal University deepen systemic and overall thinking,Comprehensive results of the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformtarget performance assessment of the second -level unit with the distribution of the reward performance salary of faculty and staff、Personnel preparation、Resource allocation related to the school venue and other resource allocation,Tightly docking school business development plan and goals,To achieve the development of the whole school "a plate of chess",Break the dissertation、Hats and other stubborn diseases。

"This system has a very important role is the guidance,It clearly tells teachers what to do,To what extent,Where to focus。"From the perspective of the relevant person in charge of the School of Psychology, South UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingChina Normal University,These assessment procedures are more strict and scientific,Reduced the randomness and deviation of the entire process。

South China Normal University School of Psychology for teaching、Scientific Research、Administrative and other different faculty workers,Classification for evaluation and evaluation,Consider the workload at the same time、Responsibility、Outstanding contribution and other factors。The college emphasizes major results in the long cycle assessment,Promote the truly landing of social services,and use the school's corresponding special rewards for college talent training、Scientific research innovation, etc.,Form a virtuous cycle。

Combined with the assessment goals UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingand actual situation,The School of Chemistry, South China Normal University attaches importance to the key areas of key areas,Encourage the college faculty and staff to use the form of "unveiling the list",Take the initiative to want to complete、The task that can be completed "Receive"。Target task synchronous supporting incentive measures,Let the college's faculty and staff play their own advantages to a certain extent、More to get more,Encourage team cooperation at the same time,The development needs of different types of talents such as teaching and scientific research types,Mobilize the overall enthusiasm and creativity。

"The previous evaluation tendency to evaluate afterwards,Often stop at the summary and induction of the previous year's situation,The orientation of the evaluation is difficult to play,The current evaluation is to issue a target task beforehand,Target orientation is clear。"The person in charge of the South China Normal University said,The results of the performance assessment are like a "diagnostic report",Guide the second -level unit according to the actual situation,Strengthening advantages、Make up shortcomings,Promoting full -closed loop improvement。School -based performance assessment results,A full -loop diagnosis improvement mechanism formed the "Problem Diagnosis -Improvement Suggestions -Optimization Measures 2024 European Cup Betting Platform-Supervision and Implementation",Promote the relative connection of assessment and evaluation and problem diagnosis、The target achievement and adjustment measures are integrated。

In the evaluation and evaluation of the School of Life Sciences, South UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingChina Normal University,Outstanding evaluation for many times。"By summing up the assessment situation in recent years,Especially data analysis,We know what aspects do better,What aspects are not enough。"Relevant person in charge of the School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University said,According to the results of the assessment,The college also has room for further improvement in "undergraduate talent training" and "graduate talent training"。

For this,School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University plans to implement undergraduate tutoring,Let students who have scientific research have fun entered the laboratory as soon as possible,Under the leadership of the tutors,Improve scientific research innovation literacy。At the same time,The college will promote the establishment of the promotion of the development of young teachers,Give funding support,Encourage young teachers to participate in teaching practice and reform,Organization and instruct students to participate in science and technology competitions。

"Optimize the target performance management of second -level units,It is conducive to raising the relationship European Cup Reliable Betting Platformbetween the two levels of responsibility at the school and the school,Guide the second -level units to strengthen the existing basic advantages,Highlights feature features,Level of the results。"The person in charge of the South China Normal University said,The school will continue to promote and improve the school's governance system and operating mechanism,Move the enthusiasm of the majority of faculty and staff officers to start a business,Promoting the whole school's upper and lower states、Competitive development。

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