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Network Information Center to carry out party discipline learning and education
Source: Network Information Center|Author:Wang Juan|Correspondent:Wang Juan|Photography:Wang Juan|Editor: Lu Jiayu

In -depth study and implementation of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of 2024 European Cup Champion PredictionChina",Promote the implementation of the tasks of party discipline and education.,June 21,The Party Branch directly under the Network Information Center organized party members to go to the "Guangzhou Anti -Corruption Promoting Education Base" and "Guangzhou Family Education Family Style Practice Base" Zengxin Town Qingxian Garden,Carry out "Inheritance of excellent style、Building a Clear Cleaning Line "theme party day activity。Peng Weizhong, Secretary of the Party Branch directly under the party branch,More than 20 faculty members participated in this event。

Qingxian Garden is built 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionto commemorate Cui Yizhi, a famous Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty,Cui is a famous scholar in the Southern Song Dynasty、Politicians and militaryists,praised by the world "The source has no Yuba for life,Name of Millennium No Monument "。All party members visited the exhibition of the three museums of Qingxian Garden "Qingfeng Court", "Li Xian Hall" and "Jupo Garden"。The theme of Qingfeng Ting takes "diligence and clean government",Li Xian Hall takes the theme of "Guardian Guo Guo",Jupo Garden mainly introduces the cultural characteristics of "pragmatic European Cup Reliable Betting Platformuse" and "remembered famous festival"。Through in -depth understanding of Cui Yi's life deeds、For official experience and their family style training,The party members deeply appreciated Cui and the Qinzhi and the people、Cleaning integrity、The way of life of Lide's self -cultivation。

In the "Clean Corridor" of Qingxian Garden,The party members learned in the "Character Theme" that my country has a historic clear official and clean official,Everyone from the ancient saints、Qing Guan Lian's Jiayan Xingxing draws the cultural nutrients that hold the integrity。2024 European Cup Betting PlatformIn "Family Family Training theme",Everyone learns multiple traditional family rules full of tenderness and wisdom,Filial filial piety at home、Loyalty for the country,Following Reading House、Diligence and Jianjia,Knowing Book Dali、Following the Period and other traditional Chinese nation families。

Visit through this immersive experience,Party members have further deepened their understanding and understanding of integrity culture。The baptism of the integrity of the integrity of the integrity makes party members and cadres determined to take party discipline learning and European Cup Reliable Betting Platformeducation as an opportunity,Further improves political standing and political awareness,firm ideals and beliefs,Strengthen the cultivation of party spirit,Consciously take the party discipline as the ruler,Shoujian and self -discipline bottom line。

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