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School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
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School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
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School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
2024-6-7 18:19
School Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school to exchange
Source: School Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretariat|Author:School Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretariat|Editor: Lu Jiayu

June 3,School of Shenzhen Alumni Association、Biological Department 1983 Alumni Chen Junping, a group of six people returned to alma mater exchange work。School Vice President Wu Jian met 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionwith visiting alumni representatives in the administrative building and conducted discussions and exchanges,School Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretary -General Liu Ling、Deputy Secretary -General Wang Rui and related teachers participated in exchange。

On behalf of the school, Wu Jian welcomes the Shenzhen Alumni Association to return to school for a discussion,He briefly introduced the construction and development of the school,and fully affirmed the work of Shenzhen Alumni Association and Shenzhen alumni as alma mater、The contribution made by the high -quality development of society。He said,Alumni is a shiny business card that alma mater is proud of,The support of alumni is an important guarantee 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionfor promoting the vigorous development of the school。I hope the alumni will give full play to their own advantages,Contribute wisdom and strength to the development of alma mater。Alma mater, as always, care about the growth of alumni,Become a strong backing of the development of alumni,Deliven to promote the win -win development of schools and alumni cause。He pointed out,The Shenzhen Alumni Association interacts closely with the Hong Kong and Macao Alumni Association,Established a good communication mechanism,I hope that the Shenzhen Alumni Association will promote Hong Kong and Macau exchanges in the future、Help the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area to play a greater role。

European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformChen Junping first thanks to his alma mater for your care for the Shenzhen Alumni Association、Guidance and support,and briefly introduced the work development of the Shenzhen Alumni Association。She said,With the joint efforts of the majority of alumni,Shenzhen Alumni Association develops rapidly。In recent years,Shenzhen Alumni Association will use "link alumni resources、7883_7893,Organization has carried out alumni friendship、Industry Exchange and other series of activities,Powerful unity and condense local alumni。I hope to establish a deeper exchange and cooperation with my alma mater,Helping the promotion of enrollment of alma mater、Contributions to graduate employment and other aspects。

2024 European Cup Champion PredictionLiu Ling introduced the recent work of the school alumni association and the next work plan。She said,Alumni is an important force to support the development of the alma mater,I hope the Shenzhen Alumni Association will continue to play an influence and drive the role,Make full use of your own resources and advantages,Provide emotional contact for alumni、Career development、Platform of learning and communication,Provide help for alumni growth。School Alumni Association will continue to practice "service alumni、Service Alma Mater、Service Society "work purpose,Gathering alumni power,Promoting resource sharing,Services for alumni,Services for the vigorous development of the school's various undertakings。

UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingYe Ming、Ke master、Liang Haitao、Lin Zhiping、Yu Ping's five alumni representatives around the Shenzhen Alumni Association's operation mechanism、Information Management、Friendship Activity、Alumni Service、Cooperation of industry, university, research, etc. made a speech。

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