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The construction list of the first batch of Guangdong Basic Discipline Research Center
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Standing Committee Member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee、Deputy Governor Wang Xi (right) awarded the "Basic Disciplinary Research Center of Brain Cognition and Human Quality Development in Guangdong Province"
2024-6-7 10:16
"Brain Consciousness and Human Quality Development Basic Discipline Research Center" was approved by the first batch of Guangdong Basic Discipline Research Center
Source: School of Psychology|Author:Jie Shuang|Edit: Lu Jiayu

Recent,Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the first batch of Guangdong Provincial Basic Discipline Research Center Construction List,A total of 5 research centers in the province were approved,The "Brain Consciousness and Human Quality Development Basic Discipline Research Center" approved by South China Normal University was approved for the first batch of construction。

Brain recognition and human quality development Basic Discipline Research Center relies on the "A+" psychological discipline of South China Normal University,Based on the frontier of international The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupbrain science,Major strategy to serve the party and the country to build a strong country for education,Study on the foundation and application foundation of talent training based on brain -based knowledge。The center is the convener with Wang Suiping, a special professor of the major talent project of the Ministry of Education,Members also include 4 national leaders、6 national young talents and 8 provincial talents。Current,The center has initially established basic research on the development of human quality、Integrated research system of basic transformation research and practical application research,Forms European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthree distinctive research directions such as "Cultivation and Innovation Cultivation of Cognitive Learning and Innovation", "Cultivation of Social Learning and Psychological Health" and "Correction of Learning and Psychological Disorders"。

It is reported,The first batch of Guangdong Basic Discipline Research Center, which has been batch of construction, covers physics、Chemistry、Computer Science、Earth Science、5 disciplines of psychology,It will give full play to the construction of scientific and technological innovation in strengthening the construction of basic disciplines、The role of 2024 European Cup Betting Platformsolid basic research root foundation,Improve the original innovation ability of our province,Help the implementation of the "Zhuoyue" plan for the decade of basic research in Guangdong Province。

Psychological Discipline is a superior discipline for the long -term construction of South China Normal University,Gorgeous scientific research strength,Three key laboratories or research platforms, including the "Laboratory of Children's Adolescent Reading and Development Education Laboratory"。The establishment of the Basic Discipline Research Center of Brain Consciousness and Human Quality Development is a major breakthrough in our school's construction 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof scientific research platforms,Deep fusion of multi -disciplinary,Key issues of brain science with organizational management of talents,Focus on promoting people's quality development and improvement,Theoretical innovation、The power of technological innovation,Help the training of national talents。

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