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Zhang Zuwu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan Normal University, came to school for research and exchange
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On the morning of June 5,Zhang Zuwu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan Normal University, came to school for research and exchange。Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Yunnan Normal University、Vice President Gan Jianhou,Wang Binwei, Party Secretary 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof our school,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice President He Jingtao attended the exchange symposium。The meeting was chaired by He Jingtao。

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,Wang Binwei welcomes the school on behalf of the school,Thank you for your support and help to the school for your support and help。He has "History、There are scale、There are special features、There are vision ", including the basic situation of the school。He said,Under the background of building an educational power,Normal University shoulder a common mission。I hope UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthe next two schools will carry out all -round、Multi -layered、Multi -field、Diverse communication and cooperation,Cultivate more "four" good teachers and various high -quality talents that adapt to high -quality development,For regional development、Building a strong country、National Fuxing Make a new greater contribution of the Normal University。

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Zhang Zuwu represented the enthusiastic reception and thoughtful arrangement of the school on behalf of Yunnan Normal University,History of running from school、School -run features、European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformEffectiveness of running school、The goal of running the school introduced the overall situation of the school。He said,I hope to learn from the South China Normal University through this visit to the party building in ideology、Talent Training、Discipline Construction、Outstanding practices and advanced experience in the work of information construction and employment and entrepreneurship,and look forward to further strengthening exchanges between the two universities in the future、Deepening cooperation,Write hand in hand "Education Strong 2024 European Cup Champion PredictionPower,What is the era of the Normal University? "。

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After the meeting,Wang Binwei accompanied Zhang Zuwu and his party to visit the school history and literature blog、Library,Discussion and exchanges between the two units of the two universities。

Office of the Party Committee of Yunnan Normal University、Academic Affairs Office、Graduate School、Exchange and Communication of Foreign Cooperation、Employment Office、Network and Information Center、Institute of Sports Institute and other units,and our school's party and government office 2024 European Cup Champion Prediction(research room)、Student Work Department of the Party Committee (Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee)、Undergraduate Hospital、Graduate School、Institute of Science、International Exchange and Cooperation Office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office)、Network Information Center、The heads of the School of Sports Sciences and other units attended the discussion。

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