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2024 Dean of the School of Marxism College of Guangdong Provincial University (Director of the Teaching Department of Politics and Political Courses) is held smoothly
Source: Marxist Academy|Author:Ma Yuan|Edit: Liu Jinying

May 27th to 31st,organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education、The "Dean of the Guangdong University of the College of Politics (Director of the Teaching Department of Politics)" hosted by the Marxist College of South China Normal University in South China Normal University was held at Sichuan University。The province has nearly 160 Dean of Marxist Academy、Director of the Teaching Department of Politics and Political Courses Participate in this training。

Study of training and training,The leaders of the Sishima Department of the Provincial Department of Education expressed warm welcome to all participants at the opening ceremony,The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupExpress the Marxist College of South China Normal University who hosted this seminar, thank you heartfelt thanks,and communicate with colleagues of colleges and universities: First, improve political standing,In -depth study and understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instruction spirit of school ideological and political courses,It is emphasized that it is necessary to look at the construction of ideological and political lessons from the overall level of the party's cause and the construction of socialist modernization.,firmly grasp the political attributes of education、Strategic attribute、Minsheng attribute,The construction of ideological and political courses as the top priority of the education work of the party。Second, adhere to the system concept,Shouzheng Innovation Promoting the Connotative Development of Ideological and Political Courses in the New Era,Select the content of the course content from three questions from the three issues of "what to say", "how to say", "who speaks"、Optimization of teaching methods、Construction The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupTeacher Team。Third is to enhance learning effectiveness,To complete from leadership to students、The change from working state to learning status,Concentrated energy、Study carefully,Persist in learning and use,To strengthen experience sharing between peers,Drediting each other、Long -term tonic,Further improve the theoretical level and business ability,High -quality completion of various learning and training tasks of this seminar。

After the opening ceremony, the content was fully carried out、Novel form、The theme is clear training and training。In the topic teaching link,Professor Jiang Yongmu, Marxism College of Sichuan University、Professor Li Shunjiu、Professor Li Jianhua and Professor Han Yuan of Marxist School of Southwest University of Finance and Economics made special speeches。

Professor Jiang Yongmu focused on "the appearance of new productive forces" "Why do you propose new productivity?" "What are the new quality productive forces?" "How to develop new productive forces?",The process of proposing the productivity of new 2024 European Cup Betting Platformquality、Background、Sworing the connotation,Explaining the development model of new productivity for new productivity。Professor Li Shunjiu takes the "Construction of the New Era Marxist Academy" as the theme of the lecture,Detailed introductions to the construction of the Marxist College of Sichuan University、achievements and experience,Emphasize the importance of "building the whole school's strength to build a new era of national key Marxist colleges",Provide experience reference for the construction of the National Marxist Academy。Professor Li Jianhua introduced the results of the construction of my country's ideological and political courses since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China、The new situation and new tasks faced by the ideological and political lessons of colleges and universities,It is proposed to further promote the high -quality development of the construction of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities。Professor Han Yuan takes the topic of "national security and ideological risk prevention and control" as the topic,Starting from the strategic 2024 European Cup Betting Platformbackground of the "two overall situations",Emphasize the correct understanding of China's national security situation、The importance of maintaining and shaping ideological security。

All students of the training class are divided into 11 groups to conduct discussions,Breakthrough、How to discuss together,How to discuss the focus of three "how",That is, "How to strengthen the construction The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof the Marxist Academy in the New Era", "How to continue to deepen college curriculum ideological and political reform and innovation", "How to build a high -quality ideological and political teacher team",Taking collaborative innovation colleges as a platform,Focus on solving difficult problems facing all aspects currently facing,Promote the construction of ideological and political lessons to the new level。Teaching links at the scene,All members of the seminar went to the National Museum of Sichuan University in the National Museum、Sichuan Provincial Integrity Education Base Meishan Sansu Temple Museum conducted field inspections,Feel the ideological connotation and concept of the times in the Sichuan Provincial 2024 European Cup Champion PredictionIntegrity Cultural Base。

Last,Professor Guan Feng, Dean of the School of Marxism, South China Normal University, summarizes the training and training。He said,By visiting special practical teaching activities such as Sichuan University Museum and Meishan Sansu Temple Museum,Let teachers in ideological and political lessons be more clearly aware,Emphasize the wisdom of the reform of Da Si Political Class from Xi Jinping's cultural thoughts。He thinks,This training is the ideological and political teachers of all universities to study and think together、Mutual learning and mutual learning provides a platform,Its results are mainly reflected in four aspects: First, promote the understanding of mutual advantages in various universities,To achieve long -term supplements,Exploring interaction in Marxist construction、Coordinated internal association,to form a linkage mechanism of "pairing co -construction" in each school; the second is to discuss the problems facing together,Discuss the new situation、New task、How to promote the key issues of the construction The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof the Marxist Academy in the new era under the new goal; the third is the establishment of the "Malaysian Community",Everyone brings together、Administrative and suggestions formed a common concept of strengthening the construction of Marxist Academy in the New Era; the fourth is to promote emotional communication,Forms the "same breath、Common Destiny "construction mode。

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