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The Party Committee of Shanwei Campus organizes to carry out court trial and motivation education activities
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The Party Committee of Shanwei Campus organizes to carry out court trial and motivation education activities
2024-6-4 10:46
The Party Committee of Shanwei Campus organizes to carry out court trial and motivation education activities
Source: Shanwei Campus Management Committee|Author:Lin Junjian|Edit: Wu Nan

To enrich the form of party discipline learning and education,Deepen the case as a lesson、Alert with the case,May 30,The Party Committee of Shanwei Campus organizes representatives of teaching and party members and "human property" and other key positions.。20 faculty representatives at the Shanwei Campus attended。

At the Judicial Information Management 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformCenter of the Municipal Court,Everyone observes the entire trial process of the duty crime of leading cadres in the medical system through real -time live broadcast,Including court surveys、court debate、court debate、The defendant's statement and other links。One and a half hours of trial,Clearly reproduced the defendant's ideals and beliefs loss、Disciplinary consciousness is weak、Lost self in greed、The process of finally falling into the abyss of crime。Everyone learns legal knowledge in the immersive experience,Feel the majesty of party discipline and state law at close range,Deeply learn lessons of violations of discipline and law。

This trial of the trial is not only a vivid rule of law classroom,Delicate in the case of the case、The role of the case -by -case method,Another deep warning education activity,Educate "people European Cup Reliable Betting Platformaround" with "things around",Alarm clock for everyone to refuse corruption and defense for everyone。Teachers representatives have said,It will be more discipline in future work and life、Keep the rules,No more red line,Do not touch the bottom line,To be the law offending the law、Faithful performance,Drays the job as a job as a job。Zhu Yufu, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Teaching Department of the Public Class,As a party member teacher,It will continue to strengthen party discipline learning and education,Careful study and implement the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Model abide by the "Ten Guidelines for Professional Behavior of Teachers in the New Era",Print the obedience to the discipline in the heart,Internalization into words and deeds。Materials and New Energy College 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformZhang Conggen representative,As a member of the Discipline Inspection Commissioner of the Party Branch,In the future work, it will strictly require yourself,Take the lead in obeying the rules and discipline,At the same time, strengthen daily supervision,Assist in the construction of the college's party style and clean government,Effective service guarantee the school's various tasks smoothly and orderly。The Office of Finance and Infrastructure Management Office Peng Ke said,The shaking of the ideal and belief more deeply will lead to the collapse of the moral defense line,Will stick to the bottom line of integrity at work,Especially when the project bidding, you cannot provide convenience for others,It cannot be relaxed in engineering management。

Since the development of party discipline learning,The Party Committee of the Shanwei Campus strictly The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupimplements the relevant deployment requirements of the school,Combined with full use of Shanwei territorial resources,Active innovation warning education form and carrier,Layout classification to carry out warning education activities。1 is to improve standing learning,Connected mobilization deployment meeting、Work Promotion Meeting,In -depth promotion of party discipline learning and education,Simultaneously grasp the campus promotion and safety work。The second is demonstration leading learning,Promote leading cadres to take the lead in learning、Share the experience of party discipline learning and education experience,Promote the party branch secretary of various grassroots party branches to give disciplinary party lessons。Third is the original study,Organize the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingof China",Combined with editing learning information,Promote learning and understanding。Four is a rich form,Organize teachers and students, party members and cadres and cadres through watching a clean government education film、Analysis of typical cases、Participate in the court review、Executive knowledge compete、Organize measures such as cleanliness family style theme activities,Constantly enhance learning effectiveness。

The Party Committee of Shanwei Campus will continue to carry out in -depth party discipline learning and education,Guide the majority of teachers and students, party members and cadres to effectively learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Continue to strengthen integrity risk investigation、Do a good job of establishing rules and regulations,Promoting the development of the party in a strict and strict development of the party,Provide strong European Cup Reliable Betting Platformdiscipline guarantee for the high -quality development of the school。

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