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Principal Yang Zhongmin led a team to visit the Beijing Alumni Association
Source: Party and Government Office (Research Office),Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretariat|Author:Party and Government Office (Research Office)Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretariat|Edit: Liu Jinying

May 29,President Yang Zhongmin led a team to visit the Beijing Alumni Association,A discussion 2024 European Cup Betting Platformwith the alumni representative of Beijing。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Wang Yan,School Party Committee Standing Committee、Vice President Yang Chengwei,Bachelor Hospital、Graduate School、Institute of Science、Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) Secretariat's relevant responsible comrades participated in the event。

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At the symposium,Vice President 2024 European Cup Betting Platformof the Beijing Alumni Association、Secretary -General Juzhengzhi and Deputy Secretary -General Luo Yuhua introduced the basic situation of the Beijing Alumni Association、Daily activities and the next key work arrangements。Yang Zhongmin fully affirmed the work effectiveness of the Beijing Alumni Association,He briefly introduced the school's talent training in recent years、Discipline Construction、Scientific research innovation and other conditions, as well as development ideas and work measures,Learn from alumni one by one、Work and living conditions。He said,Alma mater and alumni are the "Community of Destiny" for the Communist Party,"Learning Fate" is a constant concern between alma mater and alumni。School attaches great importance to alumni work,Always care about the growth of alumni to become talented,Support the development of alumni cause,Strong backing as UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingalumni。He shared three "keywords"。1 is "thanks",Thank you Beijing alumni to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of alma mater,Perform talents in their respective positions、Jian Gong and Establishing Industry,For the country、Local economic and social development contributes the due power,Won a good social reputation and industry praise for his alma mater。Thanks to the Beijing Alumni Association for building a platform for communication and cooperation for alumni,Let the alumni will become a common emotional home for alumni。The second is "Looking forward",New Era and New Journey,Looking The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupforward to the booming cause of alumni,Continuously achieved new progress and development,I also look forward to the support and support of all sectors of society,With the joint efforts of all Chinese teachers,The more the Chinese master will do better,Establishing teachers' education characteristics in the early days、Comprehensive、A world -class university with innovative type,Cultivate more "four" good teachers and various talents that adapt to high -quality development。Third is "Invitation",Alma mater is always the spiritual harbor and spiritual home of the alumni,Also is always the "second hometown" European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthat alumni are concerned and miss,I sincerely invite alumni to go home and see,Also welcome alumni to actively provide suggestions for alma mater construction and development through various ways。

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Alumni representatives at the meeting shared the work of studying and graduating from alma mater,Expressing deep feelings for alma mater and teachers,I am proud and proud of the achievements of the school's development,Expressing to join hands with his alma mater,Same forward,Help the high -quality development of alma mater with practical actions。

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