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2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
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2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
Chen Jiansheng, Director of the Art Committee of the Education Department of Guangdong Province
Wu Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of South China Normal University
Wang Haiying, Deputy Dean of the School of Music of South China Normal University
2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
2024 Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan Work Promotion Meeting
2024-6-3 10:20
Yiyun Guangdong: Aesthetic education infiltration and then departure
Source: Undergraduate Hospital|Author:Zhang YizhengYu Shan|Edit: Lu Jiayu

In -depth implementation of the guidance policy of the national and Guangdong province on the aesthetic education work of schools in the new era,Actively respond to "High -quality Development Project of Hundreds of County and Thousand Town Village",May 29,hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education、The "2024 Aesthetic Education Inficidal Action Plan Work Promotion Association" hosted by South China Normal University was successfully held at the School of Music of the School of Music of South China Normal University,The meeting aims to accelerate the new situation of promoting the development and modernization of urban and rural areas in Guangdong Province。

Chen Jiansheng, Director of the Health and Art Department of the Education Department of Guangdong The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupProvince、Deputy Director Kang Tiandong,Professor Guo Shengjian, a well -known expert in the domestic aesthetic education field,Standing Committee of the Party Committee of South China Normal University、Vice President Wu Jian,Zhong Shanjin, executive vice president of the Guangdong Student Sports Art Federation,Zhao Yi, deputy dean of the undergraduate school of South China Normal University,The Dean of the School of Music Kong Yilong、Deputy Dean Wang Haiying、Zhang Xueliang and Director of Dance Department Wang Yibo and other leaders,and Education Bureau of Municipalities in the province、Under the meeting with infiltrated colleges and invasive primary and secondary schools attended the meeting。Participants discussed the new problems and new directions of the aesthetic education infiltration operation,Dedicated suggestions for the promotion of the high -quality development of the aesthetic education industry in Guangdong。

Chen Jiansheng pointed out,The Provincial Department of Education has fully implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on the aesthetic education of the school,Promote the aesthetic education resources of colleges and universities in our province to go deep into East Guangdong、West Guangdong、Primary and secondary schools in northern Guangdong region,Exploring the coordinated development mechanism of Aesthetic Education Work,Help our province's "10 million projects"。Since the implementation of college aesthetic education infiltration action plan 2024 European Cup Betting Platformin 2019,There are 28 colleges and universities with 192 primary and secondary schools to form a "1+N" infiltration mode,The infiltration effect covers 15 prefecture -level cities,benefit 340,000 students,The penetration rate of the aesthetic education course in primary and secondary schools exceeds 98%。The Provincial Department of Education actively advocates that schools and social forces work together,The way to seek cooperation and development,In -depth implementation of promoting beautiful infiltration actions。

Wu Jian pointed out,Under the strong leadership of the school's party committee,Adhering to "educate people with beauty、Educational concept of cultural people,Actively implement the aesthetic infiltration action plan,Construction of infiltration of Aesthetic and subject system、Integration Development、Rural education revitalization and the inheritance of the excellent traditional culture of China,At present, a series of significant results have been achieved。Wu Jian also said,Chinese master will be committed to promoting the normalization of Aesthetic Education activities in the target unit、Scientific、Efficient、Systematic and full schoolization,To build a sustainable development aesthetic ecology。

Zhao Yi has always paid great attention and deep care for school aesthetic infiltration work。In daily work,She not only carefully guide various aesthetic education activities,It also emphasizes the core role of aesthetic education in promoting the comprehensive development of students,The cultivation of Chinese The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupstudents in the cultivation of artistic literacy and humanistic spirit has laid a firm spiritual cornerstone。

At the experience sharing meeting of Aesthetic Yutsuya Infusion Experience,South China Normal University、Guangzhou University and Shunde Vocational and Technical College showed their practical results。South China Normal University adheres to "educating people、Special Development、Coordinated Promotion "Principles,Both direction and integration of urban and rural aesthetic education through "Classroom Teaching+Campus Culture+Teachers Training" mode,Construction of the cultural ecology and cultural identity of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area with the spirit of the traditional culture of Lingnan;,Strengthening teacher aesthetic literacy,Popularized art practice,Adjust the invasive school,Ensure the balanced development of aesthetic education; Shunde Vocational and Technical College under the background of double high construction,Integrate beauty into talent training,Innovation "Classroom Learning、Environmental influence、Environmental influence、Platform improvement "Education mode。These experiences not only show the possibility of aesthetic education innovation,It also provides specific directions and strategies for other schools in terms of aesthetic education and reform。

Zhong Shanjin summarizes the implementation of the implementation of the province's aesthetic education action plan,Looking back on 2023 the provincial aesthetic education infiltration results,Analysis of existing problems。He European Cup Reliable Betting Platformpointed out,Elementary and Middle Schools in Guangdong Province is accelerating the popularity of Aesthetic Education,Aesthetic education and campus culture、Deep integration of traditional culture,Aesthetic education practice activities basically achieve normalization、Project,Facilities venues are increasingly perfect,Short the gap between teachers,The quality of rural aesthetic education continues to improve。But it still needs to improve the structure of aesthetic education teachers、Coordination mechanism and evaluation mechanism。Zhong Shanjin proposed that the leadership and guarantee of "thick base stone",and the regional advantage of "Strong features" to make up for the development of rural aesthetic education "shortcomings",Help the aesthetic education of primary and secondary schools in the province、Brand、Balanced development。

Next,Guests at the meeting according to college、Education Bureau of the City、Three groups of primary and secondary schools,Experience of action、Experience、Discussion on heavy difficulties。Last,Representative of the university group Park Hongmei、Zhang Chao, Representative of the Education Bureau Group of the Municipal Education Bureau,and the representative of the primary and secondary school group Zhao Yong,Summary reports and summaries on the discussion content of the venues of each venue,Fully shows the profound understanding and positive contribution of each group for the infiltration action of Aesthetic Education。

Kang Tiandong, deputy director of the Health and Art Department of the Education Department of Guangdong Province, pointed out European Cup Reliable Betting Platformin the summary,Aesthetic Yubing Infiltration Action should give full play to the role of colleges and universities,Build a teacher with both professional ability and deepen at the grassroots level,Formulate the infiltration scheme of "quantity tailoring" for the infiltration unit。During the promotion process,should be adopted with a new method、New means as an important starting point for effective response new challenges,Simultaneous handling the collaboration and communication of the "three relationships",Make sure that the aesthetic education work achieves significant results。

Professor Guo Shengjian highly praised the significant results and unique brands of Guangdong's aesthetic education infiltration operations in the lecture。He emphasized,The three major tasks and goals in the Ministry of Education's "Notice on Comprehensive Implementation of School Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action,Focus on students、Three cores of teachers and schools,Promote the comprehensive development of aesthetic education through integration。He specifically pointed out,Deepening the rural aesthetic education system should become an important direction for Guangdong aesthetic education action,Promote the balanced development of aesthetic education by infiltration。

This promotion meeting jointly reviewed the significant results achieved in Guangdong Province in the aesthetic infiltration operation,Draw a feasible blueprint for the four-level linkage operation of the "Provincial-City-County-County-School",Accelerate the in -depth participation of the important forces of colleges and 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionuniversities as an important force for infiltration。Future,Aesthetic will continue as college、Education Bureau、Bonds that are advised by primary and secondary schools,Work together to promote the reform and innovation of aesthetic education、Balanced development and characteristic creation,Let the flowers of Guangdong's art rhyme bloom more gorgeous and eye -catching。

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