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2024-6-3 9:22
Academic Exchange Group of South China Normal University visits Europe
Source: Marxist Academy|Author:Malaysian|Editor: Lu Jiayu

May 18-25,7246_7272,The academic exchange group led by Professor Guan Feng of the School of Marxism,Visit France and Latvia,I have conducted a good academic exchanges with local scholars and universities。

In Paris, France,The exchange group visited well -known French scholars、International Expert Professor Bruno Guigee。Professor Jig graduated from the French National Academy of Administration,Former senior officials of the French Ministry of Political Affairs and Deputy Mayor Marseille, and deputy mayor of Charangus City,Pay attention to China issues and the relationship between China and France for a long time,Published a number of influential UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingdiscussions。In May 2024, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited France,Gigg was invited to publish entitled "Get in Hands together together on the 4th edition of the People's Daily (May 7, 2024),Promoting World Peace Development "article,Caused a wide range of impacts。Gigg attaches great importance to our academic exchange group this visit,When the members of the exchange group were mainly from the Marxist Academy,He deliberately selected the talks in the Redeis cafe in Paris,The cafe is the first place where Marx and Engels met in 1844。"Just like the meeting between Marx and Engels has historic significance,I hope that the meeting with your academic exchange group with your school is equally historic ",Gigg talks。During the talks,Gigg expressed full respect to South China Normal University,It is pointed out that South China Normal University not only has a deep academic heritage,It also has a global vision。Zhou Xian expressed full gratitude to Jigg's long -term contribution to Sino -French relations,2024 European Cup Betting PlatformPointing Jigg from objective、written in a neutral perspective about China's development is not only important academic significance,It also has extraordinary practical value,Looking forward to the story of Jig's continuous writing of China's development,The messenger of becoming a friendly relationship between China and France。Guan Feng said,I hope that Jiger can establish long -term cooperative relationship with South China Normal University,Academic lectures、Published papers、Joint training students、Co -construction projects and other methods to strengthen academic exchanges between the two parties。Jiggre promises,Development of modern China、Chinese -style modernization related issues and exchange groups have been fully discussed。Professor of the School of History and Culture of our school、Zhou Xiaolan, Dean of the Confucius Institute of Royn Kunwang, participated in the meeting。

in Latviali,The arrival of the academic exchange group of South China Normal University has attracted widespread The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupattention。Chinese Embassy in Latvian Embassy Tang Songgen、Song Dan Hui Liberal Sinusa、Zhang Jinbin First Secretary、Director Zhang Zeyang made a special trip to receive the exchange group。Tang Songgen pointed out,South China Normal University as a famous institution in my country,Play a vital role in the academic and cultural exchanges between China and Latvia,The Confucius Institute created by South China Normal University and Latvia University is a precious window for Latvia to understand China,The academic exchanges between the two schools are an indispensable window between the relationship between the two countries。Tang Songgen can actively assume an appreciation of the Chinese key Malaysian Academy as a national key Malaysian Academy,pointed out that the "Rise of Modern Asia" courses at the University of Latvia's "The Rise of Modern Asia" courses have achieved excellent teaching effects,and propose the expectation of continuing to deepen communication between the two schools。Zhou Xian and Guan Feng thanked Tang Songgen for their The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuppositive,also reported the school and the college to further strengthen the specific planning and practical measures with the University of Latvia。

At the University of Latvia,The exchange group met with Professor Marcis Auzins, chairman of the board of directors of Latvia University。Ao Xins and Zhou Xian introduced the school profiles of Latvia University and South China Normal University, respectively,Guan Feng focused on the relevant situation of the Marxist Academy。Since then,The two sides are in humanities and art for both schools、Social Science、Cooperation in the fields of natural sciences conducted in -depth discussions and reached cooperation intentions,Visit the teacher with teachers、Student visits and other specific issues reached a consensus。Aoxins emphasized,Latvia University and South China Normal University in multiple fields,Especially the subject and physics related disciplines of political science,There is room for in -depth cooperation。Representatives of the 2024 European Cup Champion Predictiontwo schools said,The Marxist Academy will be cut into the port,Deepen the academic exchanges between the two universities in all directions,Expansion communication channels,Improve communication quality,Realization of normalized cooperation。During the period,Professor Yang Ting, member of the exchange group、Teacher Li Lihua was invited by Professor Kaspars Klavins, director of the La Da Asian Studies Department,Participate in the International Academic Conference of Asian Civilization Dialogue in the Back of Globalization "hosted by the University of Latvia and make a theme report。

Since then,The exchange group also inspected the Confucius Institute of Latvia University,I listened to Dean He Dong's construction results of Confucius Institute、Report of Construction Objective。On behalf of the school, Zhou Xian thanked the Confucius Institute for Rushi Rushi, Bedgao and the Dean of the Chinese side, and the contributions of the Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers,and asked the teaching activities of Confucius Institute、Teaching Point and Confucius UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingClass Construction、Teachers and volunteer life and working conditions。Guan Feng thanks to the Confucius Institute for sending positive collaborations in the early stage of the Malaysian Academy。He Dong conveyed the cordial greetings of Professor Beide Gao to the members of the exchange group and presented Professor Bedgao's related books。

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