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The "Double Hundred Action" rural public service universities alliance work site promotion meeting in Guangdong Province was held at Xinyi
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May 24,"Double Hundred Action" rural public service universities alliance work site promotion meeting in Guangdong Province was held at Xinyi City South China Normal University Liteom Senior High School。Meeting to implement the rural work conference of the Provincial Party Committee and in -depth implementation of the "High -quality Development Project of High -quality Villages and Villages of Hundred County",Implement the work tasks of the alliance,Promote the "Double Hundred Actions" to go deep and practical。Member of the Education Working Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Education、Deputy Hall Chief Cheng Daxin,Secretary of the Maoming Municipal Party Committee、Zhuang Yuequn, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress,Member of the Standing Committee of Maoming Municipal Party Committee、Deputy Mayor Zhu Hailong,Deputy Secretary of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Li Longfei,Alliance master units、Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of South China Normal University,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice President Liu Jianwen,Deputy League owner unit、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southern Medical University Zhang Guo Hong,Provincial Education Department、Maoming City、5964_5995。

The meeting was Office of the "Million Project" Headquarters of Guangdong Province、Director of the Education Department of Guangdong Province,The "Double Hundred Action" rural public service universities alliance in Guangdong Province hosted,South China Normal University、The People's Government of Xinyi City and Southern Medical University,Co -organized by Guangdong University of Science and Technology and Trade。The meeting is divided into the opening ceremony、Work site Promotion Meeting、The unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of "Mr. Big" Lin Liru、Achievement display and closing ceremony、On -site inspection and five links,Liu Jianwen、Zhang Guohong Hosted the relevant links in the meeting。

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On the opening ceremony,Cheng Daxin said,Implementing the "Million Project" is to affect the overall 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionsituation、benefit long -term、The "Topvocal Project" of the deep leaves,All members of the Alliance shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Focus on promoting new urbanization construction with county seats as an important carrier,Create the "Double Hundred Actions" phase、iconic results。Education service supply is given priority,Help improve the carrier capacity of county education,Provide high -quality、High -efficiency educational services; we must focus on helping to help county school construction standardized school medical rooms and psychological health rooms,Strengthen the medical security and psychological service level of county schools,escort the physical and mental health and comprehensive development of students;,Strengthening scientific research topics,Strengthen academic exchanges,Promoting the transformation and application of results,Provide decision -making consulting suggestions for county development,Create a group of colleges and universities to help county collective economic operations、Demonstration models such as grassroots reform and innovation。He emphasized,The Provincial Department of Education is a leading unit as a "Double Hundred Actions" special class,It will establish a sound work mechanism,Optimization and adjustment "Double Hundred Actions" assessment content,Together to promote the "Double Hundred Actions", take a deep and well -walking reality,Contribute education for the coordinated development of the province's urban and rural areas。

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Zhuang Yuequn represented the Municipal Party Committee、Municipal Government's Education Department、Giving care support to Maoming for a long time to explain thank you。He said,Maoming in the new journey,More talents and high -level public services supply than ever before。I hope that the university alliance will give full play to the role,Promoting new urbanization for Maoming、Modernization of agriculture and rural areas、Dedication、Skills,Lead more resources to the grassroots,Education in rural areas、Medical and Health and other basic public services areas to build a number of cooperation and co -construction demonstration projects,Establish more close -up cooperation mechanisms; teach more professional technologies to the grassroots,Help county town and villages to improve planning and design、Technology Innovation、The level of talent training; bring more advanced concepts UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingto the grassroots,Duoduo "Send Teaching Home", "Send Course Going to the Countryside",Bring "spiritual food" to the front line of "millions of projects","Storage and Charging" for party members and cadres and grassroots people。Maoming will do the docking service guarantee work as always,Fully support the work development of the cooperation with the work of colleges and universities,Promote the mutually beneficial and win -win in the county and universities,Participate in the coordinated development of the urban and rural areas in coordinating the development of urban and rural areas。

Wang Binwei pointed out,Since its establishment in September last year, the Alliance,Under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Education,Under the close collaboration of the research institutes of colleges and universities in various alliances,Follow "the need for the county、Already founded、The principle of college can ",Focusing on the two key tasks of basic public service support and training training in grassroots talents,"Three degrees"。First, the alliance link has strength。Establishing Working Committee as a decision -making and execution agency,Establishing 5 special committees division of labor is responsible for special work,Create the rotation system for the leading working group,Hold the "Double Hundred Actions" Promotion Meeting、Exchange Symposium on the Lord of the Alliance Lord、Selection and Editing Excellent Demonstration Case Collection, etc.,Promoting the transformation from "single -solo fight" to "overall battle" and "co -war" in the research institute of universities of universities。Second is to promote the breadth of assistance。Alliance based on resource advantages and professional characteristics,Divided 66 colleges and universities into a teacher education team、Vocational Education Team、Medical and Health Group、Laws and Regulations Team、5 groups in the innovation and entrepreneurial group,Improve the quality of education、Special value -added、Medical Service Support、Fa -Presses Propaganda and Legal Consultation Services、Think Tank supports the "Five major plans",Wide coverage。Third is to promote the accuracy of co -construction。Combining its own advantages of alliance colleges and universities,Find the in -entry point that urgently needs to develop with county development,Promoting the two -way school on the ground、Cooperation and win -win。Since the establishment of the Alliance,UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingOrganized so far、Systematic、Project -based development series pairing more than 1,300 co -construction activities,Benefit covers nearly 200,000 people,Getting staged results。Wang Binwei emphasized,Promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside,Promoting the coordinated development of Guangdong urban and rural areas is a long and arduous task,Need to play a greater role in the research institutes of colleges and universities、Make more contributions,and make three suggestions on promoting the work of the alliance in the next step。First, it is more prominent and collaborative innovation,Create a "strong alliance" in collaboration and mutual assistance; the second is to highlight the win -win cooperation and win -win,Construct a "community" for the development of the school and land; the third is to highlight the typical demonstration,Exploring the "new path" of rural revitalization。

Li Longfei said,Xinyi City will focus on industrial development、Urban and rural fusion、Basics of decision -making、Basics of decision -making、Collective economy and other aspects,Establish a deeper level of school -land cooperation with the pairing college,In the establishment mechanism、Explore experience、Forms a demonstration of diversified cooperation mode,Promote the "Double Hundred Actions" in Xinyi to go deeply,Together with writing a new chapter in high -quality development of Xinyi。

At the league work site promotion meeting,South China Normal University、Southern Medical University、Wuyi University、Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Province、Representatives of member units including Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College, representatives of representatives of members of the units of members of the Five Alliances Exchange Speaking,Typical cases of colleges and universities introduced "Double Hundred Actions"。South China Normal University focuses on the expansion of quality and quality and improvement action of the county area and the development of high schools in the county,Open "South China Normal University's Confucian Senior High School", "Xinyi School of Xinyi Schools Affiliated to South China Normal University",Create a regional benchmark school,Promote the high -quality balanced development of basic education。Southern Medical University to play the advantage of medical universities,Focus on the construction of the medical community、Specialty capability construction and talent team construction,Promote the expansion of medical resources and 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionsink。Wuyi University passed and established Xiema College,Plumb the cultural brand of overseas Chinese township,Promote the protection and development of local excellent culture。The School of Agricultural Sciences of Guangdong Province actively carried out training training for agricultural and rural talents,Carefully build a rural rejuvenation talent team,Help high -quality development of Gaozhou agriculture and rural areas。Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College strengthens party building leadership,Empowering High -quality development with high -quality vocational education,Models and demonstrations for creating vocational education and service rural revitalization strategies。

During the period,The unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of "Mr. Big" Lin Liru "Big Big" was held in Simultaneous Middle School at South China Normal University。Cheng Daxin、Zhuang Yuequn、Wang Binwei、Zhu Hailong、Liu Jianwen、Li Longfei,Mr. Lin Liru's relative Lin Yuanqi、Lin Meisheng,Bronze statue donor Yang Qinghua,and the person in charge of the relevant department of South China Normal University、More than 50 teachers and students from South China Normal University's Confucian Senior High School participated in the ceremony。

Wang Binwei pointed out,Mr. Lin Liru is the president of the South China Normal University Creation School,It is a famous educator in my country、Normal Education Practitioner、Education theorist。For Mr. Memorial,The school has formed a team of teachers and students who created by Associate Professor Zhang Haipeng from the Academy of Fine Arts,Donation of Mr. Yang Qinghua, Maoming, Maoming, and the guidance of Mr. Lin Loru's family,Creed a bronze statue of Mr. Lin Liru。He said,91 years,South China Normal University always surrounds education and saves the country、Newspaper、Xingguo、The main line of the theme of the strong country,Walking with the times、Homocoli resonance with society,I walked through the blue width of the road to "ten veins one",From the dare to be the first to the innovation,From the "high level" to the extraordinary development path of "competing for first -class"。Current,School Raiders and Promoting Mr. Lin Liru's original heart、Educational Mission and Reporting Guozhi,Holding the Normal University Banner,Break the teacher's background,For the Education Strong Power、Education strong province construction and training more "four" good teachers、New Era "Mr. Big" and "Educator"UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Betting,Highlights are unswervingly established in the middle of this century.、Comprehensive、The innovative world -class university magnificent goals are courageous。Wang Binwei emphasized,The school attaches great importance to the construction and development of the Confucian high school in China,Take it as the iconic achievement of the "Double Hundred Actions" rural public service university alliance,Fully supports the quality and brand of the High School of the Chinese teacher,,Turn into a demonstration and benchmark,contribute to the high -quality development of regional basic education。

Li Longfei pointed out,Mr. Lin Liru as a well -known educator in my country、Normal Education Practitioner、Education theorist,The "full personality education" thought he advocated on the development of China's education is far -reaching。Xinyi Municipal Committee、The municipal government will continue to inherit and carry forward the educational spirit of Mr. Lin Liru,Work hard to run the education of the people's satisfaction。I hope that the majority of teachers and students will be under the call of Mr. Lin Liru's spirit,Establish "Bowing Farming Targe、Work hard to run the education of the people's satisfaction,Confidence and self -improvement、踔,Construction for Education Strong Country、Comprehensively build a socialist modernization country、Comprehensively promote the great contribution of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Lin Meisheng said,Grandfather Lin Loru, Mr. Lin Loru, has paid your heart blood for China in his life and promoted normal education,Cultivated a large number of outstanding talents,Make a significant contribution to the country's education。Today,The completion of the bronze statue of "Mr. Big" Lin Liru,combines the concept of "full personality education" with Lin Loru with the excellent tradition of Chinese teachers,Roots Home、Incentive post -life,As a descendant of Lin Liru, I am deeply honored,At the same time, I sincerely hope that the education career of my hometown will be better and better,Cultivate more and more outstanding talents for the country。

Yang Qinghua said,Mr. Lin Liru is the pride and model of learning。I hope to set up bronze statues through donations,Promoting Mr. Lin Liru's love for hometown、Love Education、Pay attention to the lofty virtue and style of talent training,And said that in the future, it will continue to make contributions to the development of Chinese teachers and local educational undertakings。

On the results display and closing ceremony,Gu Hongli, Dean of the School The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof Foreign Language and Culture, South China Normal University, introduced the "one -stop" delivery classroom display activity of rural English education,Southern Medical University as the inaugurator of the next site meeting。

After the meeting,Cheng Daxin、Zhuang Yuequn、Wang Binwei、Zhu Hailong、Li Longfei and others went to the former residence of Mr. Lin Luru, North Borders Town, Xinyi City to investigate,Look at the planning of the History Museum of Culture Culture、Design and construction situation。Wang Binwei emphasized,Relevant departments of the school should actively cooperate with the local government and Mr. Lin Loru's post -generations,Do a good job of collecting and finishing the historical materials of Mr. Lin Loru,Strive to rebuild the former residence of Mr. Lin Liru and build a Confucian Cultural History Museum。

On the afternoon of May 23,Some participants went to Xinyi School of Xinyi School of Normal University in South China、Xinyi Vocational and Technical School、Xinyi Mental Health Education Guidance Center、Xinyi City Library、Douzhou Market, etc. conduct on -site research。

September last year,As one of the "three major alliances" formed by nearly a hundred universities in the province,The "Double Hundred Action" rural public service university alliance in Guangdong Province was established at South China Normal University。Alliance is from South China Normal University、Jinan University、South China Agricultural University、Composition of 66 universities and scientific research institutes such as Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Dedicated to revitalize rural education,Improve rural medical treatment、rule of law、Governance and other public services levels。Alliance's main unit is held by South China Normal University,Southern Medical University as the deputy alliance main unit。

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