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2024-5-24 15:46
Graduate team of 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformThe School of Vocational Education won the first prize in the Finals of the National College Student Market Survey and Analysis Contest
Source: Vocational Education College, Xingzhi Academy|Author:Liu BangweiLin YuZhang QiaoruiXia QingZhang ChongtingTaishu LetterHu Yingbo|Editor: Lu Jiayu

May 18,Zhang Qiaorui, School of Vocational Education、Xia Qing、Zhang Chongting、Taishu Letter、"Start from the heart from the heart,Care for Health "team sponsored at the Chinese European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformBusiness Statistics Society、The 14th National College Student Market Survey and Analysis Contest hosted by Harbin Engineering University won the first prize in the Graduate Group of the Graduate Group in the Graduate Group。

It is reported,The National College Student Market Research and Analysis Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Municipal Tune Contest") was founded by the Chinese Business Statistics Association in 2010,13 sessions have been held in a row now,Cumulative more than 1,000 universities、More than 800,000 people participated。Starting in 2018,The Municipal Tune Contest has been in the forefront of the "National College Contest List" for six consecutive years,It is the first -class public welfare professional brand event European Cup Reliable Betting Platformin the country,Also academic leadership、Government support、Enterprise recognition、Multi -Party Coordinated Platforms on Cross -Strait and Hong Kong and Macau highly linked。

"Start from the heart,Care for Health "team in Linyu、Zhang and other chrysanthemums are under the guidance,Actively prepare for the race since January this year,and go to research on the research area,Finally completed "Save" at this moment,Love is around-Report on the survey of permanent residents of Shanwei City's urban areas of AED cognition and behavior ""。Selected by the school in March this March,The team enters the preliminary competition of Guangdong Province,After being judged by the experts, he killed the siege among the 61 teams and obtained the 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionqualification for promotion to the Guangdong Provincial Finals。April 20,The team participated in the finals of the Guangdong Graduate Group Finals (recommended for the national competition),Fair competition with 19 teams with other universities,Finally, I won the national competition recommendation quota with the third place。

After the provincial selection,180 teams from colleges and universities across the country participated in the national preliminary competition,"Start from the heart,Care for Health "team stands out in the national preliminary round,Successfully advanced to the National Finals。May 16,Liu Bangwei, deputy secretary of the party branch of 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformThe School of Vocational Education, and the instructor Lin Yu led the team,May 18,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformThe team launched a wonderful competition and fierce competition in Harbin University of Engineering with 150 final teams from universities across the country,Extremely completed report report and defense link,Finally won the National First Prize in the current Municipal Tune Contest!

This graduate team won the first prize of the city's national adjustment under the guidance of the teacher,It is the fundamental task of 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformThe School of Vocational Education in recent years、Strengthen students' academic research and social research ability、A reflection of the iconic achievements of the concept of "three comprehensive education",It is also the new achievement of the comprehensive resources of the Shanwei Campus of our school。Facing Future,The School of Vocational Education will be supported by school and campus,Continue to take various discipline events and social practice as the starting point,In -depth implementation of the school's "Opinions on Promoting the Cultivation of High -quality Development in the New Era",Promote learning、Promote teaching with the race、Promote Creation,Continuous deepening of talent training reform,Cultivate innovative talents guided by social needs,Actively guide students to "start from national conditions,Come from Chinese practice、Go to Chinese practice,Write the paper on the land of the motherland "。

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