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Teacher Dong Hongying was awarded the preaching of advanced individuals and excellent theory preaching reports in the grassroots theory of Guangdong Province,The only propaganda worker who has won the above two awards in the province
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Dong Hongying is preaching
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Dong Hongying at the study and implementation of the party's 20th Municipal Shanwei Municipal Party Committee preaching report and the municipal party committee theoretical learning center group (enlarged) lecture
2024-5-24 9:34
Chinese teacher teacher Dong Hongying was awarded the province's grass -roots theoretical preaching advanced individuals who were reported by Nanfang.com
Source: Shanwei Campus Management Committee|Author:The Propaganda Department 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof the Shanwei Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China|Editor: Lu Jiayu

Dong Hongying: In the era of scientific science, to preach the heart of enlightenment

Dong Hongying loves the party's theoretical preaching business,Long -term actively preaching the party's theory and line policy,Get outstanding theoretical preaching results。Last year,She was awarded the preaching of advanced individuals and excellent theory preaching reports in the grassroots theory of Guangdong Province,The only propaganda worker who has won the above two awards in the province。

"Born every time,Bow meets its prosperous,and You Rongyi "is a sentence often cited by Dong Hongying when preaching。She thinks,The century -old history of the party's innovation theory shows the century -old history of the party's prosperous country and the country,This is a sense of mission;,This is a sense of honor; the new journey of the party's old states and the new journey of prosperity is used to learn,I am even more proud。

Persist in political leadership and academic enhancement synchronization

The political attributes 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof preaching are the primary attributes and fundamental requirements of the theoretical propaganda work of the party,Dong Hongying always adheres to this principle,Use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics to carry out the wisdom of cadres and the masses、Runxin、Runxing preaching。When strengthening the theoretical depth of the preaching,She knows not only to clarify the content of the policy and policies,You need to explain the basis for the formation of policies and policies,More to know its domestic international influence。

In the preaching of the 20th spirit of the party,Looking back on history from a big history、Real reality、Far View Future,Interpretation of the major achievements of the party and the country's cause in the background of the international communist movement,Deeply explained the domestic cognition of "only socialism can European Cup Reliable Betting Platformsave China".。In preaching,She pays special attention to the content support with the world's attention achieved by the socialism with Chinese characteristics,With Chinese excellent traditional culture、Revolutionary culture and advanced socialism advanced culture as the foundation,Enhanced the persuasiveness of the preaching、Attraction and appeal。

Persist in sublimation content and inspire the same frequency resonance

When preaching,Dong Hongying aims to enlighten through theory、improving and conquering the audience。She is based on the study of policies in domestic scholars,Supplement with foreign scholars' praise of policies,Make the content of the lectures sublimated。At the same time,Her close combination of the development results of all units in Shanwei City in recent years,Give full play to the educational incentive role of these great achievements in the new era story,Guide party members and cadres UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingto understand the powerful power of the party's innovation theory in practice。

In addition,Dong Hongying is also good at using the language of the people,Based on the stories around you to inspire the masses。For example,When explaining that General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects Maoming Litchi Garden,She said funnyly: "Our Shanwei Red Lantern Litchi tastes good,Not getting angry,But unfortunately did not play a brand,General Secretary went to Maoming。"" attracts the masses to laugh,It also prompts them to think。This "does not teach teach,Speaking "preaching method,Talk about the truth and talk about the truth,I feel inspiring。

Adhere to the simultaneous advancement of theoretical learning and service society

Under the leadership of the CCP Shanwei Municipal Party Committee and its campus party committee,Dong Hongying actively participated in policy interpretation and demonstration work conference,In -depth 2024 European Cup Betting Platformstudy of the party's innovation theory。Facing the new era of changing the situation,She deeply realizes that the country urgently needs a large number of builders who have a firm ideal and conviction,This is for propaganda workers,It is both an urgent mission given by the times,It is also an inexplicable responsibility。She has participated in the special preaching of the "Ten million Project"、"Make suggestions for millions of projects" activity、Help Shanwei High -quality Development and other series of public welfare activities,Actively serve socio -economic development。Future,She will continue to take the theory of innovation of the party as a leading,Achieve self in the propaganda cause of the party and the country、Implement value。

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