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Professor Lu Xiaozhong, School of Education and Science, School of Education and Science, won the May 1 Labor Medal of Guangdong Province in 2024
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On the afternoon of May 17,2024 Guangdong Provincial May 1st Labor Award Commendation Conference was held in Guangzhou。Lu Xiaozhong, a second -level professor at the School of Education and Science, won the May 1 Labor Medal of Guangdong Province in 2024。

Lu Xiaozhong,Member of the Communist Party of China,The current Dean of the Education Development Institute of Education Development of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area of ​​South China Normal University、Deputy European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformDirector of the Academic Committee of the School、Professor 2 of the School of Education and Science,A special professor of the major talent project of the Ministry of Education、National Specialty Plan Philosophy and Social Science Leading Talent、The Ministry of Propaganda Department "Cultural Master and Four Batch of Talents"。Experts from special allowances from the State Council。

Lu Xiaozhong insisted on making scientific research on the land of the motherland,The Development theory of Higher Education in China、Education Development in the Greater Bay Area has made outstanding contributions and leading achievements in China。As the chief expert, he hosted the major bidding project of the National Social Science Fund "Promoting Higher Education and Scientific and Technological Innovation、A better combination of economic development "2024 European Cup Betting Platform、Key bidding project "Issues and Innovation Research on Education Integration of Education in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area、More than 20 items such as "College Classification and Transformation and Development Research" and other important scientific research projects such as "college classification and transformation and development research",Independent or ranked first scientific research achievements won 5 items of scientific research awards from the Ministry of Education (3 of them、2 items of third prize),5 items of the first prize of the excellent achievement of provincial Zhenshe。He always requires himself as a "scientist spirit",successively in 1997、2019 won the first outstanding young scientist award in Guangdong Province and the title of Guangdong Province Outstanding Social Scientist。

With Lide Tree as the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformfundamental,Long -term adherence to the front line of teaching as an undergraduate、Graduate teaching and guidance,Delievable teachings to educate people。His consecutive teaching reform,Courage to innovate,Excellent results,Won 1 second prize of national teaching achievements、Provincial teaching achievements 2 prizes,Guide students to win the first prize of the National "Challenge Cup"、1 item of each third prize,Provincial "Challenge Cup" special prize 3 items。He has been farming for more than 40 years,Don’t forget the original heart,Persevere and promote the "Educator Spirit",Woning the title of "Outstanding Teacher in Nanyue" in Guangdong。

Leading high -level team construction with party building,The "Yangtze River Scholar" innovation team as the chief expert and party branch secretary is facing the country、European Cup Reliable Betting Platformmajor needs of the construction of the Greater Bay Area for scientific research、Provide decision -making consulting services,It has an important status and influence in China。At the same time,He led the team to Taijiang, Guizhou、Poverty -stricken areas such as Shanwei, Guangdong to carry out education poverty alleviation services,Division of the Central Group、Full affirmation of the superior departments of the Communist Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee。Team Party Branch won the "Double Leader" Party Branch of the Ministry of Education、National Party Construction Work Model Branch、The title of advanced grassroots party organization in Guangdong Province。He and the team are praised by the Southern Daily (June 5, 2015) as the "planner of education development" and "the high -end think tank of 2024 European Cup Champion Predictioncomprehensive reform in the field of education",The team ranked the "China Education Think Tank List" with the first ranking in Guangdong。

other,He has been the dean of the School of Education and Science for nearly 11 years and the leader of the Education Discipline,Lead the education discipline into the top 5%of the country、Class A discipline and provincial key discipline、World -class key construction discipline。

Ningxin Gathering Power Building Dream,踔 踔 奋。The school trade union will continue to play "maintenance、Construction、Participate、Education "four basic functions,Promoting the spirit of model workers、Labor Spirit、Artisan spirit、Educator spirit,Actively evaluate the best tree first,Demonstration of demonstrations and advanced models of model workers and advanced models,Drive more faculty and staff UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingpositions,Helping the high -quality development of the school's cause。

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