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The school holds a cadre adjustment to the premise talk meeting
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Recent,School Party Committee Development Development and Starting Starting Excellence,Started the selection of some middle -level cadres,and decide to conduct rotating exchanges on some leading cadres at the level。May 17,The school party committee holds cadres to adjust the pre -conversation meeting。Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupSecretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai attended the meeting。Party Organization Department、Party and Government Office (research room)、Some comrades in the disciplinary inspection and supervision room,Relevant comrades involved in exchange rotation and appointment attended the meeting。

Wang Binwei pointed out,As a leading cadre,To "have a party in your heart、There are people in my heart、I have a blame in my heart、There is a ring in my heart ",The "Be firm in faith、Diligence and Poems、Diligence and Poems、Clear and honest、Dare to take responsibility for "a new era good cadre standard,Good cadres who are loyal and clean。He revolves around "Four" and "Five Standards",Require leading cadres to effectively enhance 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionfive consciousness。First, strengthen political consciousness,Improve political standing。It is necessary to always tighten the "string" of politics, Unified thoughts into the decision -making deployment of the school's party committee、Unified into the development idea of ​​"1238"; we must adhere to and strengthen the party's leadership,Implement the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee,Strictly implement the rules of discussions;,Multiple accounts and long -term accounts,Services for the overall situation of the school。Second is to strengthen the sense of purpose,Being a people in my heart。Keep in mind the original mission,Mind is the masses of teachers and students;,Strengthen work survey; take the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformurgency of teachers and students as the work point and end point。Third is to strengthen the sense of responsibility,Dare to take responsibility for。Have the spirit of hard work,To be really done,Grab quickly,Take the lead in hard work; there must be innovative consciousness,Overcoming inertial thinking and path dependence; the spirit of struggle,To adhere to the principle、Keep the bottom line。Fourth is to enhance the consciousness of clean government,To be clever and honest。To be strict、,Be strict with self -discipline、Fairing decent;、Keep the bottom line,To obey the rules、Perform duties to fulfill their duties;,Manage the family members and subordinates。Five is to enhance learning consciousness,Improve ability skills。To learn the party's innovation theory,Thinking of Xi UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingJinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics must be learned deeply、Learning Thinking;,Find the effort and efforts of the job,What can be clear for、Which is not possible,To achieve the precepts in your heart; learn about business management,Find the fit point of knowledge and work,Enhance the ability to perform duties。

Wang Binwei emphasized,To transfer the "Three Books",Pay the job account、Question accounts and development accounts,Enter the state of work immediately,Hurry up to promote the key points of this semester、Key work,Especially the discipline professional adjustment、Institutional preparation reform、Construction of the cadre team、Financial work reform、Five reforms such as strengthening comprehensive service guarantee。

,Zhong Chengcai made a clean government conversation,Three requirements: First, we must raise understanding,Perspective people who do clean government construction; second, integrity and self -discipline,Practitioners of the construction of a clean government; the third is to perform their duties seriously,The responsibility of the construction of a clean government。Lei Lei reads notifications on the appointment and removal of gay positions。

Participating in the conversation comrades made their statements,One after another expressed its determination to support the school's party committee,will closely focus on the development of the school's "1238",Performing duties seriously,With more full enthusiasm and more responsible attitude,2024 European Cup Betting PlatformInvest in a new job work,To build the school into a distinctive characteristics of teachers、Comprehensive、Innovative world -class universities contribute strength。

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