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2024-5-17 12: 7
Xu Xiaizhi research team in the School of Physics published important research results in "Nature Communications"
Source: School of Physics|Author:Xu Xiaozhi|Editor: Lu Jiayu

Basic Research Excellence Center of the material structure and interaction of the School of Physics, Guangdong Province、Professor Xu Xiaozhi, a key laboratory in Guangdong Province Professor Xu Xiaozhi, cooperation with Professor Liu Kaihui, Peking University,The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupMaking important progress in the manufacturing of low -dimensional single crystal materials,Realized the preparation of large -sized monocrystalline diamond -sulfur stacker stacking double -layer tungsten sulfide (WS2) thin film。The research results are based on the title "Remote Epitaxy of Single-Crystal Rhombohedral WS2 Bilayers",Published on May 16th on "Nature Communications"。

Compared to a single -layer transition metal sulfur ethnic compound,Double -layer materials for diamond surface stacking have better optics、Electrical and Iron Electric Performance,It is a new generation of electronics and optoelectronic devices for alternative UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingmaterials。but,At present, the preparation of single crystal double -layer thin film is facing the following problems: 1. Double -layer nuclear potential barriers are higher; 2. Uniformly uniform film into the film is uncontrollable; 3. Single stacking method is difficult to achieve。So,Single Crystal Dalph Noodles Ducts Double -layer transition metal sulfur ethnic compound preparation has not yet been realized。

In this job,The research team reported a remote extension manufacturing technology,Realized universal preparation of single crystal dual -layer dual diamond surface stacking metal sulfur compounds on sapphire。The principle is: 1. Use The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuphigh W source concentration to reduce the dual -layer nuclear power base,Realize a large -scale dual -layer uniformity; 2. Select the sapphire substrate with weaker interaction,Make sure that the double -layer core grows up at the same time,Realize the preparation of a uniform double -layer WS2 film with high coverage; 3. Use the sapphire surface atomic steps to realize the single diamond surface stacking growth of double WS2,Finally, the preparation of large -sized single -crystal diamond noodles stacking double -layer WS2 thin film。This research promotes the preparation and application of multi -layer single crystal diamond facial sulfur, sulfur ethnic compound thin film。

2024 European Cup Champion PredictionDr. Our graduate student often super、Zhang Xiaowen, a special associate researcher of Youth Yingcai、Master Graduate Li Weixuan、Peking University PhD student Guo Quanlin、Feng Zuo is the first author of the paper。Professor Xu Xiaozhi, our school、Professor Liu Kaihui at Peking University、Wei Wenya, a specially -appointed researcher at the Youth of our school, is the author of the common communication,South China Normal University is the first completion unit。Professor Xu Xiaozhi is the introduction of young talents in our school in 2019,Mainly engaged in low -dimensional quantum materials and surface physical research。Published by the communication author/first 2024 European Cup Betting Platformauthor published multiple articles: Nature (2 articles)、 Nature nanotechnology (2 articles)、 Nature Chemistry、Nature Communications (3 articles)、Advanced Materials、Nano Letters, etc.。This research has been subject to national key R & D project topics、National Outstanding Youth Science Fund、Outstanding Youth Fund in Guangdong Province、R & D Plan for key areas in Guangdong Province、Support for the construction of first -class disciplines in physics。

Thesis link: https://www.nature.com/articleS/S41467-024-48522-8

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