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2024-05-13 17:29:05

May 9th,Zhang Baoqiang, President of Zhoukou Teachers College、Vice President Liu Wei、Vice President Li Lili、Principal Assistant Zhang Zhen (Hanging)、Yang Xuezhen, Director of the Principal's Office、Director of the Alumni Work Office Guo Changzheng、Director Li Ya、Director of the Disciplinary Construction Office Meng Ming and his group of 7 people went to our school to further promote the work of the Ministry of Education's Normal Education Cooperation Plan for the 2024 European Cup Betting Platformleading group work。Yang Zhongmin, the principal of our school、Vice President Wu Jian、Director of the Party and Government Office Pan Wenqing、Zhang Xuebo, Dean and Director of the Admissions Office of the Bachelor's College、Hua Weiyong, Party Secretary of the Party Department of Teachers' Education Department、Deputy Director of the Development Planning Division Zhou Hebing、Xie Zhiyong, the person in charge of the Group Office of the Cooperation Program, and Zhang Yunting, the person in charge of the project, and the cadres and teachers who focus on supporting colleges and universities at the South China Normal University to attend this exchange symposium,The meeting was chaired by Wu Jian。

Yang Zhongmin extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Zhoukou Teachers College,and briefly introduced the school development European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof schools in recent years。He said,Normal University is a family,The Ministry of Education's Normal Education Cooperation Program Project further brought closer the distance between the teachers and colleges in the group,Dear and plus kiss。South China Normal University as a leading university,It will continue to play a leading role,High sense of responsibility and mission,Help teachers' education collaborative quality planning plans to take effect on various tasks。

Zhang Baoqiang expressed sincere thanks to the support support work provided by South China Normal University as a leading university,and introduced the development of the teacher's education main industry and teacher education characteristics of Zhoukou Teachers College、The implementation of the collaborative quality improvement plan and the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformfurther development plan of the school。He wants to visit South China Normal University,Can be constructed in the cadre teacher team、High -quality educational resource sharing and teachers' training and other aspects of support,Multiple measures to promote the significant improvement of school discipline construction and scientific research level,The foundation for the application and long -term development of the master's degree point of the school。

will be on,The two parties further report on the authorization point of the master's degree、Learn for cadres、Teachers Team Promotion、Student joint training、Disciplinary construction and other aspects carried out in -depth communication。

After the meeting,Zhang Baoqiang and his party visited the History Museum of our school's literature 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionand blog school and teacher education department,Focus on investigating and investigating the achievements of the pilot project of the construction of artificial intelligence in the Ministry of Education. R & D and application of monitoring platforms。

Afternoon,Minister of Teacher Education, South China Normal University、Wang Hong, deputy leader of the work group of Normal Education Cooperation Program, accompanied Zhang Baoqiang to visit Huawei Library and Dongguan Middle School Songshan Lake School.,Learn the advanced management concept of Huawei Company,Examine the quality education of the "Five Education Integration" of Songshan Lake School in Dongguan Middle School、Steam Education and Teaching Reform、Classroom intelligent linkage management and other school characteristics,and recruit teachers、Teachers' The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupinternship and teacher -funded team construction situation to communicate。

Author/Correspondent: Teacher Education Department