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2024-05-11 09:14:45

May 10,"South China Normal University -Primary and Middle School" Cooperative Development Alliance Construction Launch Ceremony was held at the Lecture Hall of the Stone Campus Education Information Technology College of Guangzhou Campus。Wu Huaming, deputy director of the Higher Education Department of the Education Department of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education,Vice President of South China Normal University Yang Chengwei,Former Vice President of the Chinese Education Society、Former Vice President of South China Normal University、Former President of South China Normal University Affiliated Middle School Wu Yingmin,and Secretary from various alliance schools、President、Director,Dean of Teaching Dean and Disciplinary Teaching Teacher of the Normal University of our school attended the meeting。The launching ceremony was chaired by Zhang Xuebo, the Dean of the Undergraduate College。

Yang Chengwei pointed out,South China Normal University as the national "double first -class" construction university,Always adhering to the direction of socialist school running,Implementing the fundamental task of Lideshu people,By implementing two strategies、Promote the three major constructions,Make every effort to the goal of the world -class comprehensive normal university with Chinese characteristics。At present, the teacher's education system of our school is perfect,Has covered with full The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupschool paragraphs、Full level and full -field,Multiple teachers' majors have won national first -class professional titles。At the same time,The results of the cooperation between South China Normal University and the Alliance School are expensive,Both parties prepare for the college entrance examination、Teaching Reform、Case Selection and Teacher Student Internship Practice has launched a wide and in -depth cooperation,Effectively promoted the sharing of educational resources and the improvement of teaching quality。

Wu Huaming emphasized in his speech,"Powerful country first taught,Strong Education First Strong Master ",Clarify the key role of teachers as the first resources of education,is the cornerstone of building a high -quality education system。With the introduction of the national series of policy documents,and the startup of "Strong Teachers Plan", "Excellent Teacher Program" and "National Excellent Plan",Universities focus on the problems in the construction of basic education teachers to make a series of deployment。Facing the problem of inadequate supply and imbalance in the supply of high -quality teachers in Guangdong Province,Guangdong takes multiple measures,Build an open collaborative modern teacher education system,Strengthen the "Trinity" collaborative training mechanism of local education administrative departments and middle schools,Strive to crack the teacher's education problems through ten specific measures,To achieve a goal of comprehensively improving the ability of teachers' education service basic education。South China Normal University as a pioneer,Established "South China Normal University -Primary and Middle School" Coordinated Development Alliance for more than ten years,Covering more than 200 primary and secondary schools in the Pearl River Delta and eastern and northwestern Guangdong,Sharing through resources、Model Innovation,Effectively promoted the integration of teachers' professional development,Create an excellent teacher,Comprehensively improve the quality of teachers' education,Promote the high -quality development of basic education in Guangdong Province,shows its UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingresponsibility and responsibility and responsibility in promoting basic education and high -quality development of teachers' education for the cooperation of teachers and primary and secondary schools,It also injected new motivation into the growth of teachers in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area。

Subsequent,Representatives of South China Normal University and the Alliance School signed the "South China Normal University -Primary and Middle School" Coordinated Development Alliance Construction Agreement,Wu Huaming、Wu Yingmin、Yang Chengwei、Zhang Xuebo awarded the alliance plaques and appointments to the representatives of the alliance schools in batches。

Cooperative Development Alliance High -quality Development Research Assembly,Five representative experts,Share their innovative thinking and exploration from different dimensions of different dimensions of morality, intellectual, physical, and labor。

Wu Yingmin's construction of teachers and morality in the context of high -quality development of education,Discuss the practical strategy of high -quality education in the new era。He said,First of all, it is necessary to clarify the concept of high -quality development,High -quality development is not only an inevitable requirement for national reform and opening up and transformation and development,It is also a profound reflection and transformation and upgrade of the traditional development model,It means that from focusing on scale and GDP to more attention、Technology、Transformation of coordinated development of talents and economic and social。The education field must keep up with the pace of this era,Guided by new development concepts,The construction of the teacher team is regarded as the first project of the school's development,Give full play to the role of talents as the first resource and innovation as the first power。Wu Yingmin proposed to establish a big situation、The ideal beliefs of the country to report to the country,This requires teachers not only to pursue personal career development,It is necessary to integrate personal ideals into the development of the country and nation,Cultivate talents that meet the needs of the country。Educational goals should not be limited to the results of schools,Should focus on the material of students to become UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthe pillars of the future society,This requires teachers to have the quality of words and deeds,Become a role model for student learning,Continuous self -improvement,Keep knowledge update and learning enthusiasm。Teaching at the same time is the key to the improvement of the quality of education,Require teachers to understand students in depth,Meeting its differentiation needs。Teachers need to learn diligence、Seeking for innovation,constantly seeking new seeking changes,Beyond Self。Education needs deep heart love,Love beyond traditional family love,Understand and tolerate the diverse thoughts and personality of students,Changes in the concept of students brought by social development。Last,Teachers should be with the world,Pursue with deep cultural heritage and Hongdao,Contributions to the future of the country and the nation。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhixin Middle School、Vice President Lin Jiankai to "have sports,Talent Credit "as the title,From four aspects, the practice and exploration of Society Middle School in sports education。Zhixin Middle School adheres to the "concept first、Health First "educational concept,Dedicated to create a campus environment with healthy first,Make sure that each student can find a balance between academic and sports。To practice this concept,The school passes "characteristic leadership,Duoqu Promoting "strategy,Innovative physical education curriculum system; explore long -class teaching mode in high school,Provide a variety of sports elective courses,Meet students' personalized needs。At the same time, the school will create a variety of display platforms,Encourage students to show their skills and physical fitness in sports competitions; promote the development of sports student clubs,Regularly invite international sports celebrities to interact with students,Stimulate student movement passion,Promote the comprehensive development and personality development of students。Through this series of measures,Zhixin Middle School is trying to build a "health first,Complete educational life ",Contributions to the next generation 2024 European Cup Betting Platformof the next generation with a sound personality and tenacity。

Yao Xunqi, the principal of South China Normal University Affiliated Middle School, "Reading Inspirational、Soul Casting Education "as the title,Put forward a new model of labor education。This model takes rural social practice activities as the core,Constructed "Cooperative Education、Course educating people、New Education Path of Education。The highlight is the "three -three -five" mode of innovation,Covering organizational management、Event implementation and five -dimensional curriculum system construction,Make sure the systemicity and effectiveness of labor education。Since its implementation,This model shows the significant effectiveness of soul -casting people,Not only improves the school's curriculum brand influence,More extensive and far -reaching social impact on the strategy of rural revitalization。Future,South China Normal University Affiliated Middle School plans to further open a major in labor education、With a full -time teacher for labor education,Absorb social forces to create a practical guidance team。Establish and improve the assessment and incentive mechanism of labor education teachers at the same time,Improve the overall quality and innovation ability of the teacher team,Attract more schools to participate in the "New Model of Labor Education Education Education in the Chinese Normal University",Plowing Reading Inspirational、Casting Soul Education。

Guangdong Experimental Middle School Teacher Wang Jian shared the "Guangdong Experimental Middle School STEM Education Course Development and Practice"。Guangdong Experimental Middle School as a pioneer in response to the national quality education policy,The STEM course system with the "dual -core five -dimensional" as the core has been built,Around the core values ​​of socialist core values ​​and discipline core literacy,Cultivation of "Mats to Knowledge、Real -reserve talents of science and technology。This course adopts a dual mentor system,Joint education resources inside and outside the school,Research experts from universities and research institutions participate in teaching,formed a powerful teacher 2024 European Cup Champion Prediction-funded team。In curriculum construction,STEM Education is divided into specialty、Three categories of expandability and basicness,Multi -level requirements from individuals to all students,and through comprehensive practice activities、Labor Course、Portable forms such as science popularization and science and technology projects,Let students experience the fun and challenges of scientific exploration。In addition,Students show attention to environmental protection and social issues in scientific and technological innovation works,Reflecting a strong sense of responsibility and innovation。These achievements have gained a wide range of major reports of mainstream media,Further demonstrated the effectiveness and influence of STEM education practice。Active exploration of domestic schools such as Guangdong Experimental Middle School,Zhenghei Joining STEM education towards a new height,Contribute to educational innovation and sustainable development。

Teacher Tan Yan, Guangya Middle School, shared the base of Guangdong Guangya Middle School with its deep campus cultural heritage,Actively explore the new path of Aesthetic Education,Building a set of "Cultural People,Aesthetic ecosystem with beauty educating people。Guangya Middle School actively creates aesthetic education space,Let students nourish the beauty of beauty in the traditional material situation、Discover beauty; cultivate learning in classic situations、Perceive beauty; experience growth in practicing artistic conception、Create beauty。This series of measures have achieved significant results,The art team of Guangya Middle School is like a choir、Dance Troupe and Visual Art Team repeatedly achieved good results,Show the symbiosis of teachers and students、The vivid picture of the long teaching phase。The aesthetic achievements of the school have also been widely recognized,A number of honors, including the "Advanced Unit of National School Art Education" and "The First Batch of Artistic Schools in Guangdong Province",and become an important node for the development of art education in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area,and the art practice European Cup Reliable Betting Platformcooperation base of higher education institutions such as South China Normal University。

Future,Opportunity will be signed in the third phase of construction,Accelerate the development of partnerships with basic education schools to develop in depth,Cultivate more "four" good teachers,With more firm steps,Turn towards a higher goal,Create a new chapter in education together,Strive for the development of Guangdong He Bay Area、Make new and greater contributions to the construction of a strong country。

Author/Correspondent: Peng Shangguan,Guo Lei