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2024-05-10 17:01:14

Recent,Ke Rui Wei'an announced the latest ESI statistics,Our school's agricultural sciences have newly entered the top 1%of the subject of ESI world。So far,The first 1%subject number of the school ESI world reaches 13,Total number of tongue tied for the third place of the National Normal University; the overall 2024 European Cup Betting Platformranking of the school ranks 853th in the world,increased 87 -bit from the same period in 2023。

As of now,Our school has a common material science、Chemistry、Engineering、Environmental Science and Ecology、Botanical and zoology、Social Science General Theory、Psychiatry and Psychology、Mathematics、Physics、Clinical Medicine、Neuroscience and behavior science、Computer Science、Agricultural Science and other 13 ESI worlds in the top 1 % discipline,Cover more than half of the field of ESI disciplines,Among them, material science、Chemistry、Engineering、Environmental Science and Ecology、Botanical and zoology、Social Science General Theory、7 disciplines including psychiatry and 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionpsychology enter the top 5 ‰ of the ESI world,Material Science、Chemistry、Engineering enters the top 3 ‰ of the ESI world。

According to statistics,The main contribution units in the agricultural sciences of the agricultural sciences this time involve a total of 18 second -level teaching and research units,Among them, the School of Life Sciences、School of Environment、School of Chemistry、School of Geography Science、Institute of Bioscopy Research Institute and other units contributed outstanding contributions,Academy of Life Sciences accounted for the highest proportion of contribution,2024 European Cup Betting Platformreached 48.51%,The rest are 16.2%、School of Chemistry 16.18%、School of Geographical Sciences 10.15%、4.41%。

In recent years,The school takes discipline construction as a leader,Stable implementation of the discipline improvement plan、Disciplinary high -end representative results rewards,Especially since 2023,The school is "preserved first -class、Chong first -class、Fighting first "to vigorously promote the" climbing peak、Building a plateau、Building highlands "discipline promotion actions,"One Division and One Strategy" Scientific Planning Discipline Development Path,Actively promote The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe optimization and adjustment of second -level teaching and research units required for the development of disciplines and majors,A series of implementation is strong、Key measures with significant quality and efficacy have greatly helped the quality of school discipline construction、Upper level、upper step。

Author/Correspondent: Bi Yulong、Library