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2024-05-10 09:37:27
Scientific Studies

​​Recent,Associate Researcher Li Kang and Professor Cai Yuepeng published in the comprehensive journal Nature Communications. The latest research papers of Confined RearRafement Acceleration。This paper simulates the catalytic active pockets of biological enzymes through the one -dimensional nanopotherapy -limited cavity built by the super molecular self -assembly,This significantly improves the efficiency and selectivity of the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupcatalytic response。This is also the team's team (Doi.org/10.1002/anie.202114070)、National Science Review (doi.org/10.1093/nsr/nwab155) Another important progress in this field after the release of imitation enzyme super molecular catalysis。Our school is the only unit to complete this paper,Associate Researcher Li Kang is the first and communication authors of the paper,Professor Cai Yuepeng is the author of the common communication,This research has received the National Natural Science Foundation of China、Support of projects such as Basic and Application Basic Research and other projects in Guangdong Province。

The concept of super -molecular limit catalysis is to simulate the active pocket of biological enzymes 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionthrough the micro -ring in carefully designed and constructed by artificially designed and constructed,to improve the efficiency and selectivity of catalytic reactions。Therefore,Building an artificial enzyme super molecular catalyst system with exquisite domain space is one of the key issues in this field。Hand 1,1'-couplet-2-binol (BINOL) phospholic phosphate derivatives are a classic type of advantageous organic small molecule catalyst,It is widely used in various types of asymmetric catalytic。In this paper,The author uses this type of organic catalyst as a molecular base,Non -common price interactions through the recognition and re -arrangement of molecules,Hand -morton nano -nanotubes were built in the water phase medium。2024 European Cup Betting PlatformSingle diffraction through X-ray single crystal、MRI、Edar Spectrum、A variety of technical means such as atomic power microscope and transmission electron microscopy analyzes the six -party nanotimal structure,It is confirmed that it can exist stable in the average water solution。In addition,Due to the internal constraint effect of the cavity,The nanotubes after assembly can increase the rate of 3-AZA-COPE reaction to a maximum rate of 85 times。Analysis results based on dynamics and thermodynamics,It can be inferred that the pre -tissue will occur after the chain -shaped substrate is captured and folded into a chair structure that is conducive to reaction,So as to stabilize the transition state of reaction in the limited The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdomain space of nano tube,Reduce the activation energy of the reaction。It is worth noting that,Because the substrate adopts a smaller degree of freedom in the environment,Compared with the smaller changes of the reaction 焓 焓 焓,Entropy Visatability is significantly reduced,This is the main factor that leads to acceleration of the reaction。In addition,This hand nanot barrel also shows a good catalytic confrontation selectivity,Applications for its asymmetric catalysis will be the next research focus。

Thesis link: https://www.nature.com/articleS/S41467-024-47150-6

Author/Correspondent: Provided by the School of Chemistry