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The school holds the report of the target performance assessment work and on -site review meeting of the 2023 second -level unit target performance assessment
Source: School Second -level Unit Target Performance Management Office|Author:Long Haitao|Editor: Lu Jiayu

April 7,The school's 2023 second -level unit target performance assessment work report and on -site review meeting was held at the Shipai Campus Administrative Building, Guangzhou Campus。School Leader、Member of the Party Committee of the School、Chairman of the School Academic Committee、School second -level unit target performance management leadership group and office member、The person in charge of the relevant second -level units attended the meeting and conducted on -site review,The meeting was chaired by Liu Zhiming, Director of the Development Planning Division。

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Work Report and on -site evaluation links are divided into teaching and research units specialized and non -teaching and research units for special session。38 second -level teaching UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingand research units on the discipline construction of the unit in 2023、Teachers Team、Talent training、Scientific Research and Social Services、The construction of international exchanges and cooperation and other fields made work reports。39 non -teaching and research units for the completion of work tasks in the art of 2023、Reform and innovation measures and highlight results, as well as the participation of the school's key work, etc.。The members of the assessment team conducted anonymous scores after listening carefully to the reports of each unit,and form on -site review results。

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School Party Secretary Wang Binwei is affirmed on the target performance assessment of the second -level unit、Insufficient and Suggestion Three aspects made a summary speech。First he gives full affirmation to this work report and on -site council,Think that the meeting organization arranges efficient and orderly and reasonable,Really prepared to be serious、Report serious and review。The meeting has achieved positive results,Reached the expected effect。At the same time, the target performance assessment of the second -level unit is to promote the high -quality development of the school、The target of anchoring struggle strives to create first 2024 European Cup Betting Platform-class important starting points。Since its implementation,Effectively played the traction of the target performance assessment work on the development of the school's cause,Building a goal for the development of each second -level unit、Mission and assessment development pattern,Jugin promote the steady development of the school's various undertakings。

Wang Binwei subsequently pointed out that some units in this work report are not targeted enough、Not strong timeliness、Materials such as different quality levels,Finally, four requirements are proposed around the school's high -quality development goals and the current second -level unit assessment。First, we must further optimize and improve the goal performance management methods and implementation rules of the school's second -level unit,Target performance assessment work should be based on the new situation facing school development、New tasks and new requirements,Teaching and scientific research units and non -teaching and research units should be more scientific and reasonable in classification,Category、Setting assessment indicators and assessment requirements,Guide second -level units to strengthen advantages、Highlights,Special features、Turn The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupout the level; the second is to further formulate the index system and formulate the assessment target task,Fully consider the development foundation of each unit、Construction level、Development focus、The actual situation of unit attributes and personnel scale,According to the principle of "jump a big step to pick the big apple",Adopting the "one unit, one strategy" method,Differential and precisely issue target tasks,Stimulate the vitality of the innovation and development of second -level units; the third is to further improve the assessment and evaluation procedure,All units shall pass work reports and on -site review meetings,More systematically sorting out and summarizing the problems and deficiencies in the unit,Put forward practical improvement measures,Promoting reform with evaluation、Promoting construction; Fourth, further activation of reform、Open、Three power of innovation,Stable implementation of the "1238" development strategy,Actively promote comprehensive reform,Constantly improving the governance system and operating mechanism of modern universities,Do not mistake the matter due to reform、Nothing officers due to reform、UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingStarted due to reform,Everyone must unify their thoughts and actions into the school decision -making deployment,Obief the overall situation and service global with actual action。

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Principal Yang Zhongmin said in his speech,The target performance assessment work of the second -level unit is to promote the high -quality development of schools in recent years、Important reform measures to promote the improvement of connotation。The assessment work must achieve three "true",1 is the real assessment,The target performance assessment of the second -level unit focuses on the vertical comparison of each unit's own year and previous years.,The real reflection of the annual development status of each second -level unit,The result of performance assessment is really use,Overall target task、The assessment results and resource allocation and resource allocation and salary incentives are related to closed -loop management。The second is the real appearance,Each second -level unit strictly compares the target responsibility letter signed at the beginning of the year,Take out the completion of the annual target task and the unsuccessful situation、Danning、Compared with one,Dansing results、The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupFind a gap、Grasp rectification、Promotion improvement。Three is true complete,We must continue to improve and improve work next,Further strengthen the target orientation,Improve the proportion of development indicators,Optimized development indicator Catalog,Key assessment can support the breakthrough of the school's strategic development goals、Key and iconic indicators,At the same time, emphasize hard constraints,Strengthening the completion of the major tasks of each unit,Form for support、New guidance to promote development with contributions。

Vice President Yang Chengwei put forward three requirements for the next step,First, further highlight high -end leadership,Strengthening an important role in strengthening the high -quality development of the school's cause、High level、High -level、Key indicators of high -quality and high -display degree of key indicators,Establish a shortcoming by setting up a major breakthrough in one vote.,Effectively exerting the traction role of the assessment work on the development of the school。Second is to further enrich the connotation of assessment,Prevent indicator fragmentation,Effective integration UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingof the existing indicator system,Further condense the evaluation index system,Highlights、Grasp the key、Promote the connotation。Third is the development idea of ​​the school "1238",Timely new concept of higher education、New Strategy、New measures and new tasks,Implementation to the goal performance management of the second -level unit,Realize the performance of the performance target management assessment of second -level units for the strong support of the development of the school's cause。

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