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School Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Special Learning General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on new quality productivity
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March 29th,The school holds the study meeting of the theoretical learning center group of the party committee,Special Learning General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on new productivity。Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Principal Yang Zhongmin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice President He Jingtao、Liu Jianwen、Yang Chengwei,Chen Zhenghong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee attended the meeting。The meeting invited the Deputy Dean of the Education Development Higher Research Institute of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area、Doctoral mentor Professor Chen Xianzhe made a special counseling report。Wang Binwei presided over the meeting。

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Wang Binwei first learned,Lead everyone to learn to convey the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on new productivity。He said,New productivity is a breakthrough of technological revolution、Innovative configuration of production factors、Contemporary advanced productive forces that have spawned in the deep transformation and upgrade of the industry。September last year,General Secretary Xi Jinping during the inspection of Heilongjiang,The word "new productive forces" is proposed for the first time,Since then, an important discussion has been made on many important occasions,deeply answered "What is new productive forces、Why should you develop new productive forces、How to develop new quality The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupproductive forces "is a major question,To fully grasp the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change breakthrough direction for the new era、Promoting high -quality development of productivity,Comprehensive promotion of Chinese -style modernization provides a fundamental follow -up and action guide。

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Professor Chen Xianzhe uses the title "How to better support the development of 'new productivity' development" in the Greater Bay Area,Focusing on "the relationship between the development of new productive forces and higher education", "better support the development of new productive forces,What is the college of the Greater Bay Area? "Better support the development of new productive forces,What is the Chinese teacher? "Three aspects to explain in -depth,and combined with specific cases and research data,Makes good suggestions for the comprehensive understanding and grasp of higher education in the school.。

Member,How to implement the requirements of accelerating the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality product to talk about learning experience。

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Wang Binwei from the level of "how to think" and the practical level of "what to do" sharing learning experience,Together with learning summary and work deployment。He pointed out,The significance and rich connotation of new productive productivity must be deeply understood,Further strengthen the mission。University as the first productive force for technology、Talent First Resources、An important combination point of innovation first driving force,It is an indispensable strategic support for promoting the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality of productivity。As a "double first -class" construction college,Cultivate and develop new quality productivity must play the "three major functions"。First, play a role in the source of major scientific research and innovation。As the main force of the basic research for basic research and major scientific and technological breakthroughs, colleges and universities,To meet the needs of society and practice,Give full The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupplay to innovation strategies,Reinforcement technology leaders,Efforts to produce more original、Pioneer、The achievement of original and disruptive scientific and technological innovation achievements。Second, play a gathering role in high -end talent introduction。Talent is the first resource for accelerating the development of new quality of productivity,​​To continue to strengthen the construction of the strategic talent team,Attraction、Gathering innovative talents,Create a systematic、Multi -level talent growth platform,Forms a strategic innovative talent to gather high ground。Third, play the main role in the cultivation of innovative talents。University is the main position and supply side of talent training in various fields,To accelerate the layout of new subjects,Implementing professional structural adjustment and optimization and connotation improvement,Focus on promoting educational concepts、mode、Change of content and methods,Build a high -quality talent training system。

Wang Binwei emphasized,To accurately grasp the development path and practical requirements of new productivity,Further grasp and implementation。First, optimize and adjust the discipline and professional layout,More closely connected with new productive productive requirements。We must firmly establish "something to do first,Do you have something to do ",Persistence where the foundation is、Where is the advantage, it will break through,Find the entry point and focus point on the existing basis,Enhanced discipline professional optimization adjustment、Optimization and integration of teaching and research units。Second is to promote organizational scientific research innovation,More effectively helping new quality productive cultivation。To focus on national platforms such as key laboratories nationwide、National reward、National major key projects, including three aspects, carry out organizational scientific research innovation; we must write the paper "The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupwrite on the land of the motherland",Continue deepening and local governments、Strategic cooperation of industry leading enterprises,Accelerate the establishment of the scientific and technological achievement transfer transformation mode with local innovation research institutes as its main carrier。Third is to deepen the reform of talent training mode,More accurate adapting to new productivity requirements。It is necessary to follow the requirements of the undergraduate education teaching review and evaluation requirements,Focus on the training of new high -quality talents,System Promotion Education Concept、mode、Change of content and methods,Explore the establishment of a first -class talent training system; we must focus on "creating self -cultivation、Outstanding Teacher and Future Educator of Kanchong Teacher,Promoting the reform of teacher students,Establish a first -class teacher training system。Fourth is to strengthen the introduction of high -end talents,More strongly supporting the development of new productive productivity。"Strong Talent School" should be used as an important strategy for cultivating and developing new productive for new quality,Build a platform、Unblocked channels、Education Culture、The optimization mechanism is the starting point,Precise Tale、Scientific education; in -depth thinking of the relationship between "citing talents" and "educating talents",Planning to hold a talent work meeting,System combing the effectiveness of talent work、Experience、Insurance,Plan the school's "15th Five -Year Plan" teachers in advance。

Yang Zhongmin made a speech entitled "Contributing to the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality Productive Contributions to the Development of New Quality",Focus on the training of talents、Scientific research innovation、Comprehensive reform and other content,Systematic explanation and exploring the development path of the school's empowerment of new productivity。1 is to update the concept The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof educating people,2024 European Cup Champion Predictionimprove the quality of self -cultivation of talents。To update the discipline and professional layout,Update talent training concept,Update talent training mode,The collaborative mutual assistance system of the renewal talent training system,Effectively solve the contradiction between talent training and industrial development "supply and demand",Cultivate a large number of composite types of knowledge of different disciplines、Cross type、Innovative talents。Second is to build a strong scientific research management system,Help high -level technology self -reliance。To establish a performance management system with performance,Forms organized scientific research thinking,Improve the target layered classification promotion mechanism,Perfect and flexible and flexible results conversion mechanism,Provide solid theoretical support for technological innovation,Promoting new productive productivity to accelerate development。Third is to deepen comprehensive reform,Promote the high -quality development of the school's cause。To deepen the reform of the personnel system,Deepening institutional establishment reform,Deepening the reform of the service field,Promote the high -quality development of the school's cause,Be better to accelerate the development of new quality productivity。

Zhong Chengcai shares his experience from "deep understanding of the relationship between new productivity and talent" and "standing at a high degree of talent introduction work at the height of developing new quality"。He said,Talents are the first resource for developing new productive forces,The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality productivity provides a broad stage for talent growth。Talent quotation work must be accurately grasped、The relationship between talents and new quality productive forces,Ensure that talents are "accurate", "use", "keep", "good control",For the change and development of university、talent growth can provide new motivation and opportunities,Provide strong support for the development of new quality productive forces。

He Jingtao uses the title "Accelerate the cultivation of the cultivation of innovative talents" in adapting to the requirements of "adapting to new productivity requirements",Tightly follow the school "1238" development ideas,Four points of thinking about the cultivation of top -tip innovative talents that promote new quality productive forces: First, focus on Lide to cast souls,Consolidate the foundation of new quality productive ideology; the second is to focus on dual -creation education,Provides new productivity technology support; the third is to rely on "millions of projects",Improve the effectiveness of new quality productivity conversion; fourth is to focus on high -quality employment,Echo the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality development and new format。

Liu Jianwen shares learning experience from the theory and practice。He focuses on "why new", "Where is the new", "Where to come from", three dimensions of learning to understand the profound connotation of new productive productivity,Further deepen the understanding of new quality productivity。At the same time,Combined with the school's "1238" development ideas and in charge,Grasp the "Four Key",That is to cultivate up and down in innovative talents、Real results on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements、Real application in the construction of infrastructure projects、Strong coordination in special funding protection,Practical exploration of actively promoting new productive productivity。

Yang Chengwei said,College is education、Technology、Talent "Trinity" key combination points to promote high -quality development,To deeply grasp the inner logic of "education -technology -talent" integration and a virtuous cycle,At a high level、Organic discipline layout、Scientific research research、Transformation of scientific and technological achievements and innovative talents,Empowerment for the development of high -quality development。Specifically,First, comprehensively 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionimprove the quality of talent cultivation,Focusing on cultivating new and innovative talents required for new productivity; the second is to focus on the improvement of disciplines,Adjust the discipline professional structure。

Chen Zhenghong should do a good job in publicity and cultural work to talk about implementation measures。He pointed out,It is necessary to integrate the theory of new productivity into the research and interpretation work、Integrated into the teaching of ideological and political lessons、Incorporate news publicity work,Juggle Malaysia、The research forces of related colleges and other related colleges of Economics and Management have organized theoretical research on the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdevelopment of new quality and accelerated development,Relying on the significance of the theory of deep -quality productivity based on the ideological and political classroom、Rich connotation of the theory of productive forces through new quality、Rich connotation of the theory of productive forces through new quality,The theory of innovative news and publicity work of "one nuclear and multi -dimensional" propaganda matrix of the head geese of "Good Night Master"、mode and mechanism。

Party and Government Office (Research Office)、Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office、Organization 2024 European Cup Champion PredictionDepartment of the Party Committee、The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee、Party Teacher Work Department、Student Work Department of the Party Committee、Development Planning Office、Bachelor Hospital、Institute of Science Research and other departments attended the meeting。

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