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High -quality development

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Lingnan Spring morning,Struggle first。February 22-23,The school holds a 2024 high -quality development conference、All (enlarged) meeting and spring semester work conference。The theme of the conference is: Gao Gao Xi Jinping's great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Perform the 20th spirit of the party in an all -round way,In -depth implementation of the specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee "1310" and the spirit of the Provincial High -quality Development Conference in the 2024,Comprehensive implementation of the school's "1238" development ideas,Taking "double first -class" construction as a traction,The main line with high -quality development,Focus on building eight first -class connotation systems,Science and science school work points in 2024 and key tasks of spring semester,Gathering Power,Framented for Apine,It is clear for the construction of teachers、Comprehensive、Innovative world -class universities and united struggle,Welcome to the 75th anniversary of the New China with excellent results。

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During the meeting,Relevant personnel of the participating members around the meeting theme,Focus on the report of the conference、Work points of 2024 and key tasks in the spring semester,Group discussions in combination with your own work。Meeting for two days,and the form of a video synchronization meeting,Set a main venue、Four Campus Branch、Each second -level unit branch venue,Nearly 1,000 people attended the meeting。On the morning of February 22,Principal Yang Zhongmin works for school work report,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Southwest University、Vice President Zhou Guangming made a special counseling report; afternoon,Vice President Yang Chengwei made a special work report,Later group discussion。On the morning of February 23,Hold a meeting of the party committee (enlarged) meetings to listen to the discussion of the group,A review school's key points in 2024 and key tasks of the spring semester; afternoon,Speaking in charge of the leaders in charge of the school,Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, make a summary speech。

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will be on it,Wang Binwei said,As the spring semester is about to start school,School concentration for two days,Hold the 2024 school high -quality development conference,The form of the entire (enlarged) meeting of the party committee and the spring semester work conference,Deepen the 20th spirit of the party,Fully implement the spirit of the 2024 high -quality development conference,Research and deployment of high -quality development of schools,Fixed direction、Mind Thinking、Make a measure、Promoting development,Released the school "Running、Starting Sprint Signal "Starting"。Generally speaking,The meeting presents three features: First, the theme is clear、standing high,The second is to participate in a wide range、Discussion is sufficient,Three is the unity of thought、Deployment is in place。

Wang Binwei will do a good job of various work in the new school year and new semester,Promoting the school's high -quality development of the school to put forward three opinions。

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First, condense ideological consensus "compete first",Acknowledge the situation、Advanced the big potential,Leading the school's cause of the cause of the school's daily life with the "1238" development idea。To fully understand the new situation of the school's high -quality development,The situation of "slowing and retreating" is forced、The situation of "Climbing Passing" is severe。To fully understand the new connotation of school development ideas,Implement the development of "1238" development into the positioning of one school and three districts、The layout of the second -level teaching and research institutions、Settings of Disciplinary Majors。We must firmly grasp the new task of "competing for first -class" in the school,Find a gap in the benchmark table、Insurance,Realize the leap from "chasing first -class" to "first -class" to "first -class"。

The second is to focus on "grasping reform",overcome difficulties、Dredging the block,Promote the construction of connotation construction with institutional mechanism innovation。To increase the adjustment of the discipline and major,Clear logic association、Persist in dynamic adjustment、Integrated training unit,Insufficient focusing on solving the direction of the discipline、Structural layout is not good、Professional forces dispersed、Talent training and social needs are not matched。To promote the preparation of the organization,"The second half of the article" for UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingoptimizing the adjustment of management service agencies,Improve the management mechanism of the first school and three districts,Steady Promoting Teaching and Research Unit Optimized Adjustment。To strengthen the construction of the cadre team,Further establish a clear employment orientation,Increase the strength of cadre exchange rotation,Deepen the education and training of cadres。To promote financial work reform,Deepen budget management reform,Strengthen the ability of school financial resources,Graspped open source and throwing work。To strengthen comprehensive service guarantee,Focus on promoting the reform of public housing management、"Big Property" reform、Smart Campus Construction、Reform of Asset Management Management。

Third is to play the role of party committees "guarantee implementation",Focus on timeliness、Seeking effectiveness,Promote various tasks with excellent work style。If you do n’t discourage it, implement it,Complete and accurately implement the spirit of the central government、Decision of the Provincial Party Committee、School deployment。It is necessary to grasp the implementation,Seize the opportunity、Advanced the current trend,Pay attention to efficiency、Increase strength,Pay attention to efficiency、Improve efficiency。Requires real and pragmatic implementation,Highlight the target orientation、Responsible orientation、Question orientation,division of labor collaboration,division of labor collaboration,Target forces。Dare to do good for implementation,Determine、There is courage,Have strategies、There is a way,Dare to break through and dare to do it,Good work and success。

"Tao resistance and long,The line is coming;,The future is available。"Wang Binwei emphasized,2024 school goals higher、The task is heavier,But the idea is more clear、More power。The whole school must continue to work、Make every effort,In order to promote the school's "competing for first -class" and "high -quality development", make better and better transcripts,Struggle, you and I have achieved forging ahead,Create a better Chinese teacher with excellent grades。

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will be on it,Yang Zhongmin summarizes the school 2023 work,Analysis and judgment situation and challenge,Research proposes to focus on high -quality development measures in schools,and make a key deployment on the next stage of the school。UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingHe pointed out,Last year,The school adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,In -depth study and implementation of the 20th spirit of the party,Comprehensively implement the party's education policy,Earnestly implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Starting theme education,Concrete establishing "1238" development ideas,Accelerate the "double first -class" construction,Continuous deepening comprehensive reform,Party building leaders will go to a new level、New improvement in the level of running school、School development adds new power、School image improves a new height,Comprehensive strength improves significantly,Social influence continues to increase,High -quality development momentum is stronger。

Yang Zhongmin pointed out,Requirements for high -quality development of the country and Guangdong,The "double first -class" construction goal of the benchmark,Bid Brothers University,There are still some shortcomings and weaknesses in various fields of the school。Schools should implement the requirements of national and Guangdong's high -quality development requirements,Comprehensive implementation of the school's "1238" development ideas,Adhere to the leadership of first -class party building ideological and political leaders,Promoting connotative high -quality development,Promoting internal and external collaboration dual cycles、Input -output dual improvement。First, adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership,Strengthen the party building ideas、Publicity Culture、Ideology、United Front、Disciplinary inspection and supervision work,Strengthening party building leaders,Striving for first -class; the second is to insist on doing subtraction internally,Construction in Discipline、Talent training、Scientific Research Innovation、Teachers Team、Management service and other aspects reduced quality and improvement,Weight reduction in weight; Third, insist on making additional ways,Cooperation through external、Social Service、policy dividend、Alumni Resources and other agglomerations increase efficiency,accumulate thickness; the fourth is to insist on enlarging investment and multiplication,Pre -layout、Deep excavation potential、Live Resources,Multiple measures,Realize the effect of input multiplication; the fifth is to adhere to the evaluation of output to do removing,Enhanced quality priority、Evaluation 2024 European Cup Betting Platformcriteria for benefit orientation; Sixth, according to the requirements of "two strict prohibitions and one avoidance",Do a good job in 2024 schools of people's livelihood。

Yang Zhongmin emphasized,Delivery,Nine points implementation。The whole school should adhere to the "strict node、Strengthen collaboration、Strengthen collaboration、Create features "work requirements,Promote the courage to confidence,Pay attention to implementation,Resolutely executor of school decision -making deployment、Action School、Standard home,Make sure to achieve the school's goals and tasks,Accelerate the distinctive education characteristics of teachers、Comprehensive、The pace of innovative world -class universities,Welcome to the 75th anniversary of the New China with excellent results。

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morning 22,Professor Zhou Guangming made a special counseling report entitled "First -class undergraduate education is the background color of first -class universities"。Zhou Guangming from undergraduate talent training from American research universities and the reform of undergraduate teaching in Southwest University、The practical experience of teacher education reform starts,The status of the undergraduate teaching center、Campus college and professional positioning and goals、Construction of Teachers Team、Education and Teaching Reform、Laboratory construction and basic laws of higher education put forward opinions on the training of undergraduate talents in our school。

In the afternoon of the 22nd,Yang Chengwei from the school "1238" development ideas、Disciplinary optimization adjustment ideas and the construction of a first -class talent training system for special work report。He said,The school comprehensively implements the overall deployment of the education and the country and the specific deployment of the provincial party committee "1310",Think about the real research and answer "Educational Powerful Power,What is the Normal University? "" Education strong province,What is the "Chinese Master" era proposition,Determine "anchor a target、Implementing the "Two Step Walk" strategy、Activate the three power、Build the "1238" development idea of ​​eight first -class systems,Become a new carbage label for the high -quality development of the school。He pointed out,According to the school goals positioning and development vision,The school will adhere to the background color of The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe teacher,Trending Tree people as the fundamental,Taking "double first -class" construction as a traction,Topic with high -quality development,There is nothing、There is something、There is a first thing、There is a post -for,In -depth promotion of discipline optimization adjustment,Deepen the reform and innovation of undergraduates and graduate talents,In order to build a teacher's education characteristics、Comprehensive、Innovative world -class universities laid a solid foundation。

During the meeting,Relevant personnel of the participating members around the meeting theme,Focus on the report of the conference、Work points of 2024 and key tasks in the spring semester,Group discussions in combination with your own work。

morning on the 23rd,The school holds the entire party committee (enlarged) meeting,Listen to the reporting results of the group discussion,A review of the key points of work and spring learning in 2024, and study other related work。9 groups reporter Yang Aiping、​​Zhang Jinting、Wang Geng、Lei Lei、Liu Xiuxiang、Zhang Xuebo、Liu Dongmei、Liu Zhiming、Wu Jianli reports the report respectively。Wang Binwei presided over the meeting and spoke,Put forward three requirements。1 is to improve the position,Drum "Real Strong"。Both analysis of insufficient、Knowing the gap,What's more important is to unify thinking、Gathering consensus、Drum fullness。The second is aiming at the target,Take out "Real Music"。The school has long -term goals and short -term goals,Each department、All units、Each college should follow this year's work points and key tasks in the spring semester,Type -by -tasks one by one,Take out specific measures,Grasp the work implementation。Third is to carry responsibility,Seeking "effectiveness"。Member of the School Party Committee、Discipline Inspection Commission members must take responsibility effectively,Both your own advantages,Make suggestions for the school's construction and development、Boons for more responsibilities,Also take the lead in active as,Driving teachers and students and employees to achieve real results in promoting the high -quality development of various undertakings。

In the afternoon of the 23rd,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Wang Yan,Standing Committee of the School Party Committee、Vice President Wu Jian、He Jingtao、Liu Jianwen、Yang Chengwei,Key work in combination with the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdivision area,Surrounding the party building ideology、Talent training、Discipline Construction、Scientific Research Innovation、Teachers Team、Social Service、International cooperation、Management services and other aspects,How to further promote the implementation of the school's high -quality development measures。

All school leaders、Standing Committee of the Party Committee,Member of the School Party Committee、Member of the Discipline Inspection Commission,Each department、Each college、Party and government official positions and local cadres at all units,Member of the Academic Committee of the School,Key Construction Discipline Leader and the head of the main unit,Democratic parties grass -roots organizations、The main person in charge of the United Front Group,The main person in charge of the retired faculty and staff association,The school cares about the main person in charge of the next generation of work committees,The Eleventh Division Association and the head of the 24th ICBC delegation,School Student Union、Members of the Presidium of the Graduate Association attended the meeting at the main venue of Shipai Campus;,Each department、Each college、Deputy Party and Government and Deputy Division -level cadres、Director of the Academic Sub -Committee、Chairman of the Trade Union、Department Director、Director of the Teaching and Research Office、Office Director、Teacher representative、Counselor、Student representative,and the section -level cadres at the agency attended the meeting at the campus branch venues and secondary units.。

Author/Correspondent: Lu Jiayu,Chen Jing