2024 European Cup Betting Platform

2024 European Cup Betting Platform

2024-01-02 12:40:55

Dear teachers, classmates, alumni, friends:

Sun and the moon, the mountains and rivers are new.worth this beautiful moment,Let's go to all teachers and students and employees、retired old comrades、Alumni at home and abroad,Friends from all walks of life who care for the construction and development of South China Normal University for a long time,Holiday greetings and New Year's blessings!

2023 is the key year for South China Normal University to further promote the "double first -class" construction,It is also the 90th anniversary of the school's school。For a year,We comprehensively study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party,Earnestly implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Building "Double First -class" construction as a traction,Continuous deepening reform,Improve the governance system,Comprehensive strength improves significantly,2024 European Cup Champion PredictionThames World University Ranking Increasing 200 -bit,First 3,Social influence is continuously enhanced,High -quality development momentum is stronger,Leaving a strong stroke in the history of 90 years。

Highlight the leadership of the party building, and the party's leadership is stronger.Comprehensively implement the overall deployment of education and the country and the "1310" deployment of the Provincial Party Committee,Theme education is in -depth discussion "Education Strong Country,What is the University of Normal University "" Strong Education,What is the Chinese master ",Form "anchor a target、Implementing the "Two Step Walk" strategy、Activate the three power、Build the "1238" development idea of ​​eight first -class systems。Continue to condense national party building demonstration universities,Create a demonstration brand of party building。As the "Double Hundred Action" rural public service universities alliance leader and pair of co -construction units,Lead to improve rural education、Public services such as medical care,Help Guangdong's "10 million projects" implementation。

It is better to support the original intention of educating people.Participate in the review and evaluation of undergraduate education teaching in the Ministry of Education with first UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Betting-university standards,Complete it smoothly。29 new national first -class undergraduate courses,First 3。The quality of ideological and political work of the Ministry of Education's ideological and political work quality improvement comprehensive reform and boutique construction project。Internet ideological and political "head geese" official "good night Chinese teacher" jumped in the country's universities 4。"Challenge Cup" Chinese University Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition Fortune 2,Get again the national "winning cup"。Hangzhou Asian Games won 4 gold, 3 silver 1 copper,All 8 people won all the prizes。

Zhi Zhi "compete for first -class", the connotation construction is more realistic.Vigorously promote the "double first -class" construction,Implementing a first -class discipline "Baochong Struggle"。New ESI 1%Discipline 1,Total 12,No. 4 Living National Normal University。13 new national talents、1,The level of the teacher team continues to increase。8 new provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms,Orderly promote the preparation of the National Key Laboratory。State Fund Fund Funding for Funding to Stand 3 National Normal University,National Social Science Foundation Foundation ranks first 14、The first place in the province。

UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingDeeply cultivating teachers' education, the characteristics of the teacher are even more prominent.Lead to participate in the help of the Teachers' Education Cooperation Program Group for the Ministry of Education,Continue to promote the high -quality development of Guangdong's basic education high -quality development "1+N" Chinese Master Action。15 National Teaching Achievements Award (including Affiliated、4 points attached),Won the first place in the National Normal University with the basic education of the first lead unit。Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Teaching Materials Comprehensive Research Base was approved by the National Teaching Material Construction Key Research Base。Become the Hong Kong Education Bureau designated、The only Hong Kong teacher training and exchange base in the Mainland,In the first year, about 3,000 newly enrolled teachers in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong。Jointly hosted the National Science Education Summer School (Guangzhou venue),Affected extensive。

Perfect the governance system, the service guarantee is better.Published a new revised charter,Accelerate the construction of a rules and regulations system with the new charter as the core。Orderly promote teaching and research、Optimized adjustment of management service agency,Three Campus Four Campus Coordinated Development 2024 European Cup Betting PlatformFigures are more complete。Get an advanced collective collective collective。Selected into the first batch of pilot applications of "Data Sharing Application Platform" of the Ministry of Education。Increase the intensity of smart campus construction,Complete the "Two Belt and One" campus environment improvement,Campus is more comfortable、Service is smarter、Life is more comfortable。

 Celebrate Jiuzhuanhua Master and have more confidence in development.Development Conference、Exhibition of school results、The President of the Chinese and Foreign University Forum is wonderful,Multi -volume Book History Series Series presents a thick history,School History Culture Expo Museum and Mr. Lin Liru's bronze statue inheritance of spiritual pulse,School Celebration Activities The entire network communication index exceeds 20 million,The common school memory of becoming a Chinese teacher。Teacher Apartment Building 1 starts、The foundation of the teacher education building project and the relocation and expansion of the attachment to the elementary school、A number of infrastructure projects such as the application project of the Teacher Education School of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area is accelerated。Acting to the new journey of the Chinese Normal University,We are more European Cup Reliable Betting Platformconfident and confident。

Looking back 2023,The wisdom and sweat of all teachers and students and employees are condensed behind all the achievements and honors,Care and love of leaders at all levels,Condensing the care and support of the majority of alumni and all sectors of society。Here,We expressed sincere thanks!

The journey looks back at Qianshanyuan, and the ambition is everywhere.Outlook 2024,The school's "double first -class" construction and "replenishment" improvement plan is comprehensively promoted,The peaks are bound to compete; teachers' education features are clear、Comprehensive、A world -class university with innovative models built by the wind and waves,It will be able to hit the middle flow。Let us take Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics as a guide,Struggle、Mo forward,Strive to write Chinese characteristics、New chapter of the construction of world -class universities,Welcome to the 75th anniversary of the New China with more excellent results。

I sincerely wish the great motherland prosperity! I sincerely wish all Chinese teachers、Happy New Year for friends from all walks of life!

South China Normal University

Party Secretary: Wang Binwei  Principal: Yang Zhongmin

December 31, 2023

Author/Correspondent: Party run school office