2024 European Cup Betting Platform

2024 European Cup Betting Platform

2023-11-06 16:25:42
90th Anniversary Celebration

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November 5,On the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the school at South China Normal University,2023 Presidential Forum of Chinese and Foreign Universityheld at the International Conference Hall of the Shipai Campus of Guangzhou Campus of South China Normal University,The theme of the forum is "the vision and mission of the university under the world change bureau"。More than 120 school representatives and experts and scholars from 54 universities at home and abroad,and more than 300 teachers and students in the school attended the meeting,Jointly explore the new challenges and new mission facing higher education in the background of the World Change Bureau,Looking forward to the new vision and new model of the future development of the new era。Professor Wang Enke, President of South China Normal University, addressed the forum。Professor Yang Zhongmin, vice president of South China Normal University, presided over the forum。

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Wang Enko pointed out in his speech,Under the background of the world's 100 years of changes,University as education、Technology、Important intersection of talents,is to promote technological innovation、Talent training、The main force and accelerator of cultural construction collaborative integration and development。This forum has experienced the experience of exchanging schools at home and abroad、Explore the path of reform and development、Collaborative improvement school level,Forms a more close and 2024 European Cup Champion Predictiondynamic global higher education community,Better to respond to changes in the times and social needs,It has important significance。He thinks,The school's 90 -year -old school history is a positive response to the change of the world、Patriotic history of the times、History of struggle and development。Wang Enko combined with the practice practice of South China Normal University,Put up four points of thinking and experience。First, the university must adhere to the original intention and characteristics。Each university has its own characteristics and positioning,At the beginning of the school, the school insisted on the establishment of a normal school,The school has always rooted in the land of South Guangdong for 90 years,Education of Teachers Teachers,Keeping at the beginning of the teacher's school,Yongshu Education and the emphasis on the country,Cultivate more than 900,000 teachers and various talents for the country。Second, the university should encourage reform and innovation。Reform and innovation are the changes in the times,It is important to keep the college foundation industry an important passage。In recent years,The school increases the power of reform、With innovation and strong vitality,With Lideshu as the fundamental task,Comprehensively implement "Teacher Education Strong Features、Disciplinary level upper level "development ideas,Coordinating the three major constructions of "double first -class", "replenishment" and "new normal",In -depth implementation of "Gao Qing talent internal training、Cultivation and construction of high -end platforms,Internationalization、Informatization "is the strategic measure of" two highs and two ",Obvious results in running school。Third, university European Cup Reliable Betting Platformmust promote openness and cooperation。University should adhere to common development、Cooperation Win -win concept,Strengthen exchanges and cooperation,Share high -quality resources。The school always adheres to the concept of opening school,Follow the "Integration into the Bay Area、Deep cultivation in Southeast Asia、Economic Story 'Belt and Road "、Go to the World "Thinking,Promote high -quality development of foreign exchanges and cooperation。Fourth, the university should take the mission and responsibility。University not only provides students with high -quality education,Also respond to society、The country and the world bear greater responsibility。School takes the lead to go to Hong Kong and Macao to run schools,Training and training 70%of basic education teachers in Macau; promoting "group" running school,Provide more than 160,000 high -quality degrees for the society; in less than one year, the successful enrollment of Shanwei Campus,Make a due contribution to the balanced and high -quality development of the east and western educated education。

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The main report of the forum is divided into the upper and lower half,Professor Zhang Weiguo, President of Southwest University, and Professor Wang Zongmin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Normal University。In the main report,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering、Professor Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University, made the theme of "Super Limits: Leading the Concept and Exploration of Education Innovation"。He focuses on the propositions of the times、Change thinking、Beyond Discipline、Four parts of over -limited transition,The system analyzes the dilemma facing the cultivation of innovative talents,profoundly explained the importance of the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformconcept of over -limit,Comprehensively introduced the exploration of East China Normal University to lead people's innovation work,and put forward imagination on the status of the 4.0 state in the future。

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Professor Li Zijian, President of Hong Kong Education University, made the theme of "High -quality Development of Teachers Education and Normal University with Chinese Characteristics"。He pointed out,The colleges of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area shall deepen teacher education cooperation,Promoting resource co -construction and sharing,Relying on cooperative schooling and other methods to jointly train educational talents,Help the integrated process of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area。

Professor Song Xianzhong, President of Jinan University, made entitled "Based on the" Based on the "Trinity" fusion development,Activate the elements of the multi -educating people of Jinan,Cultivation of the theme of the first -class talent "。He said,Education、Technology、Talents are unified uniforms that cannot be separated from each other,The university should actively explore the reform of talent training mode towards the direction of "who needs in the future",Jinan University is exploring the compound talent training paradigm combined with "trapezoidal talents+T -shaped talents"。

Professor Peter Edwards, Vice President of Aberdeen University in the United Kingdom, made a theme of "Aberdeen University: from Chuang School to Future (1495-2040)"。He takes the school's "Aberde 2040 Strategy" as the object,In -depth interpretation of the adherence and vision of the construction of universities under the changing pattern of world higher education in the 21st century。

Professor Emmanuelle Huver, Vice President of Turier University UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingin France, made a theme of "Long -term Development of European Universities: Several Trends of the Future"。She pointed out,The actual dominance of the world's higher education today is based on standard quantitative rating,Europe is through strengthening cooperation between regional universities,Design more definitive research and evaluation system,and introduced the European University Alliance Neolaia。

Professor Zhang Weiguo, President of Southwest University, made the theme of "The Road to Fusion Development of Education Science and Technology Talents' Trinity" in the new era "。He pointed out,To grasp education、Technology、The logical relationship between the three talents in colleges and universities,closely aggressive education、Technology source power、Talent support "three functions",Promoting universities into a demonstration of the "trinity" integration and development community。

Researcher Li Hongfei, Vice President of Huazhong Normal University, made "Data Driven Innovation Innovation,Starting the theme of the new journey of digital transformation of education "。He mentioned,Huazhong Normal University fully implements the strategy of digital transformation of education,"Data Drive、Innovation Innovation "is the target,Building digital teaching、Scientific Research、New pattern of management collaborative development。

Professor Ge Wei, Vice President of the University of Macau, made a theme of the theme of "University and City: Double Engine of Common Development -A Macau Story"。He proposed,The impact of first -class universities on the country and region,Reflected in a talent highland、Knowledge Innovation、Talent training、Economic Impact、Social impact and public services,Detailed introductions to the national strategic needs of the University of Macau and European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthe outstanding school results of Macau development needs。

Professor Zhang Xiaotian, Vice President Zhang Xiaotian, entitled "The Construction and Development of Global Higher Education Community" in the Australian University of Kotin University。He introduced Costin University as a representative of a global entrepreneurial university,Efforts to promote the development of the global higher education community,and proposed that Kotin University is willing to work through cooperation,together with the world's universities bring changes to humans and earth with the world。

Professor Wang Dukai, vice president of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Association, made entitled "Improve‘ Hardware Software Fixedware ’,The theme speech of the healthy development of university "。He pointed out,"firmware" for promoting the healthy development of the university,It is a good management mechanism that is conducive to the release of talent capabilities and potential,Ecosystem of creating an atmosphere of science and technology,The university should promote the unity of personal value and national development with "hardware software firmware" to promote the "hardware software firmware"。

Last,Yang Zhongmin made a summary speech。He pointed out,The report of the guests in the forum is novel、Wonderful appearances。There is a thought height of the whole forum、breadth of vision、Historical thickness、There is a practical depth、Education temperature,Thinking about the value pursuit of higher education for us more deeply、Strategic positioning、Construction target、Development path and reform measures,It has important reference reference meaning。

Guests at the meeting agreed,To further strengthen domestic and foreign exchanges 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionand mutual learning in the field of higher education,Perfectly promoting the construction and development of the global education community,Promote communication and cooperation,Share high -quality resources,Promote the dialogue and cooperation of Chinese and foreign universities,Contribute to the development of the world's higher education together。

Author/Correspondent: Development Planning Division