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2023-07-13 01:10:20
90th anniversary school celebration

To understand the history of school running in depth,Comprehensively promote the historical activation work of school education,Welcome to the 90th Anniversary of the Construction School of South China Normal University with practical actions。July 2-6,South China Normal University History and Cultural Research Center organized the "Re -Anti -Japanese War of the School of Anti -Japanese -Japanese War" activity。

This event brings together the school archives、The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee、School of History and Culture、School of Geography Science、College of Literature、15 teachers and students alumni representatives participating in the study of school history and culture research,The core of the school migration route during the anti -Japanese war period is the core,During the period of visiting the school of running school,Visit the surrounding residents,Diversity of the natural environment and social background of each school -run location,Let the participating teachers and students alumni be traced back to the history of school running,Perform the spirit of Huashu。

This event mainly visited Luoding County, Guangdong、Guangxi Wuzhou、Guanzhou Island of Tengxian County and Rongxian, Guangxi, running a school for the old site,It is designed to go back to the years of the Anti -Japanese War,Remember the beginning of education。July 1937 The outbreak of the Anti -Japanese War,Important cities in China have been occupied by the Japanese one after another。The school has 2024 European Cup Betting Platformexperienced the turbulent experience of nine years and ten relocation,It has been forced to move to Wuzhou, Guangxi、Guanzhou Island, Tengxian County, Guangxi、Guangxi Rong County、Hou Gongdu, Ruyuan County, Guangdong、Dongxi, Lian County, Guangdong、Guitou Town, Qujiang County, Shaoguan, Guangdong (now the milk source)、Guangdong Luo Ding 榃 榃 榃 榃。After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War in 1945,Move back to Guangzhou,First settle in Guangxiao Temple, Guangzhou,Later in September 1946, I finally returned to the original site of the pomegranate。On the morning of July 2,The team came to Liangjia Manor, Li Shao Town, Luoding City, Guangdong。1944,The School of Arts and Sciences move from Lian County to Luo Ding 榃 to run schools,During this period, the teachers and students of the college borrowed the granary in the manor and the village、Cannon、Old -aged buildings such as private houses and other scattered distribution are used as an office building、Teaching Building and Teacher and Student Dormitory。According to the memories of students of the year,Old House Yin cold and humid,Can only barely cover the wind and rain,Teaching facilities are particularly humble,But teachers and students still insist on class in such a difficult school environment。After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War,Some teachers and students of the college moved back from Luo Ding to return to class in Guangxiao Temple, Guangzhou。

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Old Site of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Guangdong Provincial College of Arts and Sciences: Liangjia Manor

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Old Site of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Guangdong Province: Li Shao Middle School

Then the team went to Wuzhou No. 1 Middle School in Guangxi (the Republic of China was Guangxi University)。October 1937,The School of Education, the University of Education of Qinqin moves in Wuzhou to run school,and borrowed The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe classroom of the Guangxi University Institute of Technology。According to Dr. Hu Lie Arrow of History and Culture: "Wuzhou, Guangxi is the first stop for the school to run schools in the west,October 25, 1937,Education Institute started class in Wuzhou,Original planning location is Changzhou Island,But Dean Lin Liru feels that Changzhou Island is too remote,Just change to the classroom of Guangxi University and take the nearest class。There was no fixed classroom at the time of class,I can only use the spare time of some classrooms in the school to temporarily arrange class。"because Wuzhou is closer to Guangzhou and the city is more developed,Overall,Although facing the shortage of school expenses at this time,But the academic progress of teachers and students of the college is still relatively smooth。

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Team at the former site of Wuzhou, Guangxi University

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Team at the former site of Wuzhou, Guangxi University

July 3,The team came to the "Old Site of the British Consular Consulate Department" on Baihe Mountain, Riverside Park, Wuzhou City,。The "Old Site of the British Consular Consuling Department" standing between the green leaves and yellow walls,I have witnessed an anti -emperor patriotic struggle for the people of the people of Wuzhou a hundred years ago,It also ushered in the great change of the new China that has changed all day。Hegang Tower is built opposite the old site,Looking at the building and looking at it,It can be seen that Wuzhou Hedong Old Town and the beautiful scenery of Sanjiang Connect。After leaving Riverside Park,The team rushed to the Governor's Mansion of the Ming Dynasty and Guangxi。Take this opportunity to visit,Teachers and students have a deeper understanding of Wuzhou's important strategic position in history,It is also sincerely admired by the leaders of Lin Liru and other colleges during the War of Resistance to Wuzhou.。

The team took a photo in front of the UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingformer site of the British Consular Department

Teachers and students can visit the Governor's House of Guangxi Wuzhou

Afternoon,The team will go to Qianzhou Island, Tengxian County, Guangxi。After leaving Wuzhou,The college used to run for six weeks from November 7 to December 17, 1938。During school period,The college borrows some school buildings on the island Fuxing Middle School (now the Nanqiang Elementary School) to carry out teaching activities。But with the expansion of the battle,Wuzhou was bombed by the Japanese army,President Lin Liru considers not far from Wuzhou,I am afraid that it will be affected by war fire,So I hurriedly moved to a safer Rongxian in less than two months in Fujian County。

Nanqiang Primary School (formerly the former site of Fuxing Middle School)

Petrochemical Dragon Residence of Qianzhou Island, Tengxian County, Guangxi (General Petrochemical Dragon Film Original Fuxing Middle School)

Shi Shi Ancestral Hall on the Island of Fuzhou Island, Tengxian County, Guangxi

On the morning of July 4,The team came to Guiping Dato Gorge Water Conservancy Hub for investigation。Dato Gorge Water Conservancy Hub is the Xijiang Water System of the Pearl River Basin to gather flood prevention、Shipping、Power Generation、Water conservancy hubs integrating water resources such as water resources and irrigation,is the key node of Xijiang 100 million tons of golden water channel。The person in charge introduced the basic situation of the Dato Gorge project for teachers and students,and led the teachers and students to visit the water -blocking dam of the Dato Gorge Water Conservancy Hub、Ship Gate、Ecological Fish Road and other iconic facilities。After the survey is completed,Teachers and students have a more intuitive understanding of the results of my country's water conservancy project,At the same time, they stated that they should learn the responsibility and responsibility of the generation of water 2024 European Cup Betting Platformconservancy people,Discover into the construction of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics。

The team took a group photo in the Dato Gorge Water Conservancy Hub in Gui Ping City, Guangxi

December 1938,The college moved from Fujian County to Rongxian after 51 days of trekking in the severe winter,and officially resume class in February of the following year。To follow the pace of predecessors,On the afternoon of July 4,The team came to Rongxian for inspection。According to records,The site is located in the southeast of Rongxian County,Among the villages of Dongjian Township, Rongjiang East Bank。Local maple forest,The river is clear,The scenery is very beautiful。Borrowing local buildings at the time,Ru Dongguan Township Township Office、Wang's Ancestral Hall、Lei's Ancestral Hall、Ancestral Hall of Dongguan Township such as Long's Ancestral Hall and Fubo Palace、Temples and farmhouses are used as school buildings。In the early days of Wang's Ancestral Hall as the college's office,Then change to the township office of Dongguan Township as the headquarters。During the schooling period in Rongxian,Although the funds are tight、Conditions hard,But the college leaders still lead teachers and students to carry out educational teaching in an orderly manner、Scientific research、Social services and other tasks。

The team took a group photo in front of the Lei Ancestral Hall in Rong County, Guangxi

The team took a group photo in front of the Wang family ancestral temple in Rongxian, Guangxi

The team took a group photo in front of the Long's Ancestral Hall in Rong County, Guangxi

July 5,The last stop of the team to the inspection -Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County。In 1939, the students of the college museum geography students carried out field professional internship activities here,and collect many precious specimens and European Cup Reliable Betting Platformleave many photos of mountain areas。On the way,Associate Professor Li Peng of the School of Geographical Sciences led the team to go deep into the village of Dongzhai to carry out field inspections,At the same time, introduce teachers and students to the special natural style and humanities of Sanjiang -Dong Autonomous County。Yishan surrounding and waters,Tree tower,Sanjiang Daizhai provides a valuable learning opportunity for the students of the Museum Geography of the year,And now when the college team is on the village again on the stone slab road in the village,I can still feel the enthusiasm and responsibility of the predecessor's turbulence research。So far,This "Re -Anti -Japanese Migration Line of the School of Arts and Sciences" event was successfully concluded。

Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Natural Scenery

In this event,Teachers and students fully feel that the predecessors still insist on learning in the predecessors,Modeling for the original intention of running the school in the blue width of the road,This is an important content of the construction of the spiritual civilization of the Chinese teacher,This is an important content of the construction of the spiritual civilization of the Chinese teacher,Rigid Study,Realistic innovation,The important spiritual source of the teacher "。Xue Yiting, a level 2021 undergraduate student at the School of History and Culture, said,During this event, she revisited the school's school -running history during the Anti -Japanese War.,I have increased insights in the experience,Getting growth,This inspires her to be more diligent and hard in the future study and work,and prompt her to actively participate in the protection and inheritance of school history and culture。

Retarting the school's anti -war relocation school road,Realize the new chapter of the spirit of the Chinese teacher。This event is "Re -Education College、2024 European Cup Betting PlatformThe second stage of the activity of the School of Arts and Sciences The Anti -Japanese War "。Next,School History and Cultural Research Center will continue to enrich and improve the historical data of Chinese teachers,Ear the history of school history by carried out more diverse activities,赓 Continueling red veins,Condensing the power of Chinese teachers。

Author/Correspondent: Yao Siqing