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2022-11-06 21:54:17
90th anniversary school

November 6,The 89th anniversary of our school and the 90th anniversary school celebration of the first anniversary cloud launching ceremony,School teachers and students、Alumni of all places hold celebrations in various ways,Express the good blessing of alma mater。The official new European Cup Reliable Betting Platformmedia platform of the school (official WeChat、Official Douyin、Official Douyin、Official B station) ReleasedCelebrating the 89th anniversary of the school and the 90th anniversary school celebration, the first anniversary of the launching ceremony of the special video

Celebrating the 89th anniversary and 90th anniversary school celebration first anniversary startup ceremony

November 2023,Our school will host the 90th anniversary series of school celebrations,Further condense the wisdom of teachers and students alumni,Gathering forces from all walks of society,Join the new journey,Forwarding again。For the preparation The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupof the school celebration,The school has recently issued the 90th anniversary school celebration preparation work plan,The 90th Anniversary of the School Celebration on the School's Homepage (https://90.scnu.edu.cn/),and will release the 90th anniversary of the National and Guangdong mainstream media (No. 1)。

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November 6th is also the 100th anniversary school of the Elementary School of the Chinese Normal University。Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School、Principal Wang Enko、Vice President Liu Jianwen、Pan Wenqing, director of the Party Office and School Office, and all European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthe administrative staff of the Affiliated Primary School of Huashu attended the unveiling ceremony of the History Museum of Affiliated School,Congratulations to the 89th Anniversary of the Construction School of the South China Normal University and the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the Elementary School of the Chinese Normal University。

South China Normal University was founded in 1933。The history of school running can be traced back to the Gezhi Academy founded in 1888、The Guangdong and Guangxi Normal School founded in 1905 and the Guangzhou Municipal Teachers School founded in 1921。The predecessor of the UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingprimary school affiliated to South China Normal University was the Affiliated Primary School founded by Guangzhou Municipal Normal School in 1922。

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