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2022-06-25 16:30:13

South China Normal University 2022 enrollment promotional video

"Brave, Not Lonely"

Hurry and rain

Crossing difficult moments

What did you find

Your hands

Still trembling

Liang Liang Heavy Gate

Do not be left or right for fate

Your footprint

Not exhausted

Explore true knowledge

Awakening courage and confidence

You are not alone

Highlands set foot

Living in a fiery living in Benyong

The height of the challenge

There are bright stars flowing

Self -limited

Limited Life

but unlimited spirit

Unlimited possibilities

Knowledge is at the end of the best

Cultivation in Lide Tree

Normal University is the first to take the lead

University is civilized consciousness

Really beautiful landscape

It belongs to all explorers

Life that is eternal boiling

The sun will not die

Brave and love is also

Flowers will not be lonely

We are also

History is not waiting for people

Struggle is not afraid

Do not stop for knowledge

Brave is not lonely