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School of Environmental College of Environmental Graduate 43.62%,Locate the first school
Source: School of Environment|Author:Xi Zhenchun|Photography:School of Environment|Edit: Yangliu Qing

2021 undergraduates promoted employment work have come to an end,School of Environmental College of Environmental Graduate 43.62%,Won the UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingfirst prize of the postgraduate entrance examination of 2021 undergraduate graduates of South China Normal University。The First Party Branch of the School of Environmental Academy of Environmental has a graduation class party member "All ashore",The gratifying score of 100%admission rate。

The School of Environmental College takes the graduate entrance examination as an important part of improving the quality of talent training,"Multi -News"、"Examination"、"Multi -Record",Multiple measures and help the students for postgraduate entrance European Cup Reliable Betting Platformexamination。One is "multi -report",Counselor talks with students,Preliminary finding everyone’s willingness to advance。College party and government leaders attach great importance to,Early layout plan,Hold the postgraduate mobilization conference,Analyze the situation and dynamics of the postgraduate entrance examination for students in recent years,Encourage students to establish a big goal,Continue further studies。The second is "more test",The college teacher is psychologically、Give full care in life,Provide postgraduate books 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionfor students,Talk about talking,Encourage everyone to persist to the end,Cultivate confidence,Work hard to prepare for the exam。Three is "multiple records",Overview of the college precision statistics for preliminary test,Timely holding re -examination experience exchange meeting,Teach the re -examination experience to the postgraduate students。At the same time,The college attaches great importance to the students' examination agent,Gather the power of the professional teacher of the college,Provide students with information as much as European Cup Reliable Betting Platformpossible,Counselor even through one -to -one talk,Guidance、Follow the postgraduate adjustment of students。

Students from the School of Environment under the correct leadership of the school and college,Fundamental tasks around the Trendei people,Combined with "Knowing Mountains and Water、Lidide Lixing "work policy to carry out work。Always highlight the core position led by party building,Comprehensive overall education、Management、Service function positioning,Professional professional features、Rich educated The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupcarrier、Integrated education resources,Pay attention to closely combining theoretical research with practice,While doing normal work,significantly improved the work quality of the college's ideological, political and educated people。

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