Academic pursuit of unchanged changes in the times
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Anti -Japanese War,As the predecessor of South China Normal University, the School of Education of Qinqin University and the School of Education of Guangdong Provincial School of Education are relocated to Lianzhou and other places。6103_6120,6121_6138,6139_6159、Family feelings of the country "。At the 100th anniversary of the founding party of the Communist Party of China,South China Normal University History and Cultural Research Center and the School Youth League Committee jointly launched the "Century Dialogue -South China Normal University During the Anti -Japanese War of the Anti -Japanese War of the Anti -Japanese War, the Book Review Book Review Book Contest",Let undergraduate students have the opportunity to read the graduation thesis of school undergraduates more than 80 years ago,Through writing learning The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupexperience and perception,After a different spiritual baptism。What needs to be explained is,6214_6230,It is inevitable that there are certain historical limitations,As a Chinese student student in the new era,What we should learn is the thesis authors "full of confidence in victory、Strive in the beacon、The patriotic feelings of determining the motherland of the country ",Joint inheritance of the fine tradition of the school,Promoting the spirit of education newspapers。

The essay displayed this time comes from Huang Yilin, a major of Chinese Language and Literature (Normal University) in the Academy of Literature (Normal University),Classmate Huang's understanding of the dissertation thoroughly,From multiple aspects、6370_6389,Xiaozhi love,Movement,6390_6409。

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Title: Xunzi's thoughts and their educational philosophy

Year: 1939

Author: Lin Ziqiang


Reading Book Article:

1939,When the war of Chinese war is flying,That era,Home feelings are blended with water and milk。Youth of each age,All representatives who are attached to academic pursuit,Even more,"Reading for the rise of China"。I am now the peaceful age,Reading the undergraduate graduation thesis of Lin Xue, the Department of Literature and History, UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Betting"The Thought of Xunzi and its educational philosophy",Feel deeply,Although the background and spirit of the times are completely different,But this is diligent、Academic pursuit of studying attentive ourselves,But it should be available for every diligent student。

That era,No Internet tools such as,I can only read the books by myself and ask others,The objective conditions of the running school to run schools also means that the seniors and sisters have no way to find sufficient books to support them to write graduation thesis。Although the conditions are difficult,6760_6777,He has done enough effort,From the era of Xunzi itself、Works of the book,Extension to the mature development of its thoughts,Gradually refine it to the specific doctrine in various fields,6892_6913,Finally introduce some concepts of self -containing systems,such as "Famous Studies"、Education and Education Philosophy。

Look at the directory alone,The content it wants to cover is extremely rich,It is a big project that wants to read the information and sort it out。But from the text of the senior Lin,I can still feel,Professional training of literature and history brings him the impact,High academic literacy。

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At the beginning of the introduction,The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupNaturally the importance of introducing Xunzi。Master Lin did not blindly obey the "respect Meng Meng Zi" faction represented by Han Yu and others。Comparison of sexual goodness and sexual evil theory,He set off from the original code,Sentences that pay attention to the original flavor,7183_7203。"The Analects","Sex is similar,Xi Xiangyuan also ",Emphasize the importance of the day after tomorrow。Questions about reading the original classics,The teacher of our Chinese department has always said that the current children of the Chinese teacher like to read the textbook instead of the original work,Lack of thinking,The basis of emphasizing thinking should be a large number of Lenovo brought by text reading。

Next,From the explanation of the concept noun of the concept noun, he can see his basic skills,The boundary sense of the problem details is very good,7301_7322,He also said lust and mind,He also has the saying of ‘ization ’,Sexual and Huahua,It is not an absolute evil。Although Mencius advocates sexual evil (hand error,It should be 'sex good'),But he except the sex of food color,Li said that although it is clever,And it recognizes that this type of sex is not good,The insight is the same as Xunzi。"There is no general processing The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupconcept boundary,It reflects the meticulous academic spirit。7337_7353,Many classmates around me will feel that it is not worthwhile to endorse for these points。but,Noun explanation can make us clearer the concept,The clarification of concept is the most basic job,Otherwise, it is difficult to learn the theoretical foundation,Easy to get low and other errors。

The professional settings of that era are the concept of implementing literature, history, philosophy,When the senior Lin is in conceptual explanation,With obvious integration of consciousness,7448_7463,Explanation of each other,Further deepen its own understanding。For example,7498_7515,Pay attention to nature rather than artificial processing,7580_7599,A little bit of comparative literature of foreign literature and Chinese literature.。7580_7597,is based on the original code。"Ji Gifts and becomes a gentleman",7556_7571,Think to make people good,Must be processed from the outside。

At the same time,Lin Xuepeng will also start from a historical perspective,Use dialectical thinking to form their own views on Mencius and Xunzi。He thinks,The departure point of Xunzi and Mencius and the differences in claims are completely due to their personality and the characteristics 2024 European Cup Champion Predictionof the times。He does not agree with Xunzi emphasizing rituals everywhere,It itself has implemented the Confucianism,7645_7660。At the same time when comparing the two,Through the point of view of scholar,7761_7780,Also quoted the viewpoint of famous artists to increase authority,Emphasized the importance of Xunzi in the academic world。

In the conclusion,7841_7860,Emphasize "Li Zhi、Jishan、Mingxin、7791_7808,Pointing out the importance of Xunzi affirming foreign objects,It is believed that this is part of the materialist view of Marxism。7884_7903,But also pointed out,Xunzi is influenced by the times,Its internal thought is a complete、Systematic,This is extremely valuable。

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In the process of reading the papers of Xue Lin,I feel,7955_7970,His handsome handwriting often makes me mistakenly think that I am watching calligraphy works,In this era when someone is forgetting words,It's really admirable,The era of war fire,It is not easy to have a quiet desk,8024_8039。

From writing goals,The papers of "Xunzi's Thought and his educational philosophy" wrote the paper,8071_8087,So I chose to make a slightly brief introduction to Xunzi and their thoughts,clarify the thoughts left by the sinensis,That is 2024 European Cup Champion Prediction"for the sanctuary"。but but,This paper is more like a summary,If we have rich resources, let's write,It is inevitable that there is a cleverness of the handbag。Teachers often say,Studies made by predecessors have long been mature,Our current thesis can be cut in from a small problem,8267_8285。But at the same time, we don’t want to be arrogant,Even the information of the predecessors is as good as the ocean,But the academic community in the problem study is like a circle that is expanding outward,If you have a new contribution,This circle can be expanded out。Even this circle is infinitely large,We can also expand specific cases,8367_8385。

I am willing to be a student of the Qinqin,8302_8317,solid basic skills,Make your undergraduate graduation thesis can also bring more movement and encouragement to the next students。

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