Super Burning! The Chinese version of "Country", singing for the motherland
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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,Teachers and students of the three districts of the Chinese Normal University School of Three Districts,The most sincere gift to the great motherland。

"Youth sings" Chinese Edition "Country" MV for the motherland

According to an introduction,The entire MV is roughly divided into three parts。The first part is magnificent and broad,The second part is full of passion and vitality,Music and screen are full of dynamic,The third part will express the feelings of the country to the extreme,Better to ease。MV is rich in content,From selection to shooting to later,Each step is to boil with heart blood。

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"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

Selecting well -known songs such as "My and My Motherland" and "Singing the Motherland" and other familiar songs,South China Normal University "Youth Singing for the Motherland" chose "Country" as a singing track。General Director of MV shooting,Teacher Wang Yibo, teacher of the dance department of the Conservatory of Music,The reason why you choose "National",On the one hand, the theme of 2024 European Cup Betting Platform"Singing for the Motherland" on the one hand,On the other hand, the lyrics and melody of this song are aloud、Simple and kind,Very infectious。"Although it does not have a magnificent song,But the relationship it expresses is progressive layer,And the music form of this folk song is easier to learn。”

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"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

After determining the track,Teacher Xu Xinhua and Pan Xingzi of the School of Music and Pan Xingzi, respectively arranged and written the "National"。The initial arrangement of the first arrangement is magnificent atmosphere,So Xu Xinhua spent a lot of thoughts in the preliminary part of the arrangement。The prelude to just 50 seconds changes from the national song tone、The song tone of the Chinese teacher school changes,shaped the music image of the country and the Chinese division,Use the method of moving with music,Show the flourishing development of the two、Compatible symbiosis。Then connect the prelude to "Country" with a small high -pitched national anthem tone,Enter Zhengqu。The lens language of this part is also matched with the solemn and majestic music front,Not only about the historical memory of the Chinese teacher,Looking forward to the booming future。

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"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

The singing of the song is mainly undertaken by the Choir of the South China Normal University,At that time in May,The Chinese Choir Choir is preparing for rehearsal for the August World Chorus Contest。But after receiving the task,The members of the entire choir will immediately invest in the recording UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingof "Country",On the day of the recording, I left in the recording studio until two or three in the morning。"Our choir is like this,What do you need at any time,will be temporarily increased。"Su Yanhui said。Except for professional choir,Singing also includes children、Student、Teacher's sound color,Rich audiovisual level,presents the growth trajectory of the generation and one generation of the "small home" of the Chinese teacher,It also reflects the responsibility of the "little home" of Huashu as the country's responsibility for education.。

"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

After the recording of the adaptation version of Xu Xinhua,Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee Hu Tingsheng and the director group Wang Yibo and Teacher Wu Jianguo think,The form of symphony is solemn enough to be gorgeous,but lack of some temperament that fits with young people,There is also some comparisons in the entire song。So,They decide after discussing again,Add changes in music in the middle,Maintain the solemn sense of the original design,Add some dynamic music。So I invited the famous alumni,The author and singer Cao Lei, the author and singer of the 80th anniversary of the Chinese teacher, to adapt,Only the current fast -paced music is added。

"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

Adapted from this part,Cao Lei mainly used electronic sound、Rap and rock three kinds of music forms that are more popular with young people,Speed ​​up to the country's chorus part,Make it more dynamic。Add Wang Feng's version of "I Love You China",Make the tune jump a single repeated,More new and UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingdynamic。Cao Lei also emphasized,In order to highlight the characteristics of the Chinese master in Lingnan,He also incorporated a small section of the melody of "Backgammon" played with Gao Hu in this music,The lens language also matches it,Let the MV have the unique logo of Chinese teachers。

The singing part of the fast -paced part is completed by the classmates of the school art group,Liu Jingyuan who sings Rap admit,This is the first time to sing a master melody song。Wang Yibo said,The music adaptation of this part can show the vigorous appearance of the Chinese teacher in the context of the new normal,Highlight the talents and vitality of Chinese students,More in line with "Singing the motherland with youth,The theme of the youth of singing the country is upward "。"We hope to motivate Chinese teachers to do their best through this MV,Students' learning,Be a good teach by a teacher,Contribute to the country more! "Yang Tianjun, Dean of the Conservatory of Music, said。

"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

The production cycle of the MV is more than two months,Films have gone through the 11th version of the modification and grinding。According to statistics,More than 2,000 teachers and students participated in the shooting of this MV,Among them, the teachers and students from the Affiliated Middle School of China Normal University and South China Normal University,There are also 14 colleges from the school、Multiple choirs and students of nearly ten student clubs,There are also college teachers、Class and counselor,fully reflects "relying on school,Teachers and students participation "shooting concept。Shooting location not only span the three campuses,It UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingalso involves the primary school affiliated to South China Normal University and South China Normal University Zhongshan Affiliated Middle School。Hundreds of people participating in the shooting of large scenes,Prepare shooting equipment、Coordinated participants need to spend a lot of energy,Shooting of small scenes to shoot zero crushed up to 50 games,Each shot every frame of the picture strives to the extreme。Especially in the two large -scale shooting of nearly a thousand people in the university city campus and Shipai campus,All done under the sun exposure。The weather is hot,Facing several re -shoots,The classmates of Qingsa Ban also created itself "Come again,Performance Points Four "slogans for self -motivation,"It feels very glorious after the whole process、Very proud! "Ding Zehuai, a member of Qingsa Ban, said。

"Youth Singing for the Motherland" Chinese version of the Chinese version of "National" MV records the scene to Pei Yao Tong Sheng

"Youth Singing for the Motherland" Chinese Division Edition "Country" MV shooting scene photo

For teachers and students who appeared in the photo,This is also an unforgettable experience。The entire MV singing is from Xiang Peiyao from the sixth grade 4th grade of Huashu,The little girl appearing in the MV is Shen 劭 from the third grade attached to the Chinese master。Although the director of the shooting and recording on -site directors requires strict requirements,multiple re -record re -records,Two young students can still deal with free。Vice President Shen Wenhuai also feels very touching when shooting,"This is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China this year,Can sing with our young students to The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupsing for the motherland with our young students,This is a very happy thing。"Ekidan of the 2018 Xinjiang Foundation Class participated in the shooting of the front building.,To prepare for this video shooting,She played the song "Country" in a loop the night before shooting。Although thousands of miles away from home,But she got the care and help of many teachers and classmates in China,I also feel that the country is getting stronger。"The country is the people's backing,It is the backing of the people's strong,The people are also the backing of the country,The development and construction of the country cannot be separated from the people。”

"Singing for Youth for the Motherland" Chinese version of the "National" MV work photo

Thank you all departments that have participated in the shooting and providing support for the shooting、Each college、Teachers of each teaching auxiliary unit、Students and Society!


Producer: Zhu Kongjun Wang Enko

Director System: Huang Zhao Tuan

Supervision: Hu Tingsheng

General Planning: Hu Tingsheng

Planning: Huawei Weiyong Wang Yan Lian Zechun Zhang Yihua Yang Tianjun Yu Qing Su Yanhui Sun Yingran

Production Director: Wu Jianguo

Arrangement Ender: Xu Xinhua Cao Lei

Chorus writing: Pan Xingzi

Director: Wang Yibo

Director: Wu Jianguo

Director Assistant: Zeng Yilei Liu Caiyan

Photography Guidance: Pei Jiangbin

Handheld: Chen Zhibing Xie Fuzhuang Lai Wu Tang Yu Yiming Li Xuegang

aerial photography: Huang Weiming Cao Xinwei

Field Affairs: He Yuancheng

Editing: Ye Yang

Later packaging&Subtitles: Ye Yang

Digital coloring: Yue Dianmiao

Stills: vision department of the News Agency of South China Normal University


song "National"

lyric: Wang Pingjiu

Composition: Jin Peida

The song "I Love You China"

Ci / Song: Wang Feng

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