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Source: Huashi Broadcasting Station|Author:Li Guibo|Photography:Mai Jiayi Li Family|Editor: Li Ning

I believe many people have heard

The first ring road in Guangzhou -Metro Line 11

will pass through the Chinese master

The current project is under construction

To cooperate with the construction of the subway

Many shops outside Ximen are demolished

The landscape outside the Ximen of the stone card campus after the new subway is completed

Some people may feel that less squeezing the wallet is not a good thing, it can reduce the opportunity to become a half -month, but it is not just shops but also those places that keep thoughts

I went out for a day on the weekend

When I came back, it was already eight or nine in the evening to order a cup of milk tea at Ximen Milk Tea 2024 European Cup Champion PredictionStore. Watching the water horse on the street and talking with friends

Sitting at 85 ° C at 85 ° C in my favorite place at a noon enjoy food

Covers DDL

After busy all day

The phrase "I can't go out to eat" in exchange for a slightly tacit "walk" food

is the whole family's rice ball

Back to school every time I take the subway

All want to eat a bowl of braised powder at the shop at the subway entrance

Jiaolan Beauty on the weekend horn sound

Sometimes it is annoying

But when many people buy daily necessities

The first thing I thought of was it

Four years of university

Say it short, say long

and contract here

Numerous youth time of Chinese teachers

I want to say goodbye to them now

It is not only that convenience that people are not willing

Also in the lively place

Unique emotions caused by those food aroma

That unique memory

Wait until the word "disassembling" becomes ruins

Do you remember

Where did you visit there for the first time

When is it?

Who are you with?

After a few years

Take the ring road on Line 11

can be turned back to the original point

But youth is no longer reincarnation

When passing by Huashu Station

Will you think of that sentence

"May you get out of your life and return is still a teenager"


The green students' years

Those friends who accompany you with both wind and rain

Those wonderful stories

This must be very beautiful

If you have to be separated, you must say goodbye and you must save you in your heart. Thank you. Thank you for giving you a memory.

---- Selection of Mu Rong's "Uncover Youth"



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